How Stonewall Unified the LGBTQ+ Community With Activist Mark Segal



In the mythology ising stonewall we talk about how it lasted three days as if it lasts three days just on its own and something i had heard before until your book was about how it lasted three days because you were writing chalk on the street come to stone tomorrow night. How intentionally kept it going. I mean you writing chalk on the street meet stonewall night like that spread information that that's like tweeting. Today we had no cell phones. We had no internet most couldn't afford a phone quite honestly. During some fifty sort of amazing. I would go out to various speaking engagements. Some of them were museums. Some of them were in schools. Everyone had it seems a different day. Oh went on for three days. Oh it went on for four days. Oh it went on for six days. How many days did go on is a good question for me. You went on three hundred sixty five days because right from the beginning we started organizing that includes from the street running on street tomorrow night to the third or fourth or fifth night. I don't remember which where we had leaflets on the street saying you know we're not going to allow the The police to oppress us anymore. This is our neighborhood. That's what is so that was in itself illegal. When we gathered at the steps of stone wall that was illegal homosexuals could not congregate to that was when we said. We're gonna fight the police. That was illegal. Everything we did in that first year was basically illegal and we wouldn't be stopped. We were going to be out loud proud and don't even try to stop us. I don't think i knew that. Part of history that it was illegal to congregate if you're gay. Yup that's why stonewall was so popular because if you were walking up and down christopher street all night long which is what i did with my friends. The chances argue would be stopped by the police sometime. The police that they saw drag queen will try to find out if they had three pieces of mail clothing on because that was the law. Others would be harassed. It wasn't a safe as you might think it would be so when you went into the stonewall it was a safe place it was a place you to be yourself. You could hold hand. You put your arm around somebody and more importantly to eighteen year old. You can dance sure. Now you mentioned. Marty robinson he with one of the co founders of the liberation front which was a group that really helped to forge. The foundation of our community was the gay liberation front. Was that group something that came out of stonewall or was it already in existence beforehand. There were many organizations before stonewall. The leading one in new york was mattachine and all my first or second week i tried to go in about a sheen. They said i was too young as i was leaving. That's where i met. Marty robinson who is coming out and he said you know these guys. They don't get it they don't understand what's going on in nineteen sixty nine. We just can't be doing once a year march. We need to do some more. He created the action group which i was a member off. There were many little groups or pockets of groups like that around new york somehow. After stonewall we all unite for the first time action roof aries lesbians. We got together. That's what created gay liberation front. He was the first united movement in our country from the grass. Roots up before that drag queens weren't allowed to be part of it before that streaking like me weren't allowed to be part of any movement so that change gay liberation front. That's what we were

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