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And a reminder you guys could catch me on first things first on Monday morning with Chris Broussard. I anticipate some arguments. I usually clobber him in NBA debates. Um, should be fun by jocks of NFL as well. A lot of fun, Uh, net coming up next up on game. TJ Houshmandzadeh, LaVar Arrington, Plaxico Burress. They will be having a former tight end cool named Byron Chamberlain. He'll be on the show. Um And I'm told they have a big guest coming the following week. I'm not gonna spoil it too early. I'll let them ocean. Merriman's coming in today. He's shot. Merriman's great had him on the podcast. Man, This guy's been through some stuff. He's uh, had a tough upbringing. Shawn Merriman. Really interesting guy. Um, Chargers. Can I call him a legend? He was one of the most legendary linebackers and charger history during the time he was there. I mean, it was a short run. Had some issues with injuries. Nopd, you know, accusation there. But man if he didn't remind you of junior sail back in 06, or seven Yeah, they had They had some awesome team rivers. Lt Junior sail like 11 Pro bowlers No. Six. They had that many 11. Yeah, it's wild to look at the That Pro bowl roster was that when they lost in the NFC title game that was the divisional round to the Patriots, the on Lee Playoff game or the only sporting event that has ever made me cry. I'm not kidding me. It really I was so that's why I have never convinced myself. We're gonna win. Is that the four days into team 14 into Yeah, and then to get a divisional round home playoff game. Marlon McCree fumbles the ball. Brady wins unreal. You had them beat with five minutes left. Hold onto the ball. Tough. Tom Brady throws a pick Marlon McCree intercepts. It starts running it back. Troy Brown strips the ball. I mean, that's why I don't care where an interception happens. It's my team just fall down, down, Fall down. I don't need the big run back. Um I still you know what came? I remember because I actually wanna bet on it. It was against Peyton Manning and the Colts in overtime. Um, that was always charges won the toss. And I think it was a pitch to lt. It would be cut to the left a couple times and scrolls. Yes. And if you ask Rivers or even Merriman They will say that was their one of their favorite moment that right? I was surprised by that. Actually, I forgot who the announcer was on that, but it was an epic call. If you listen to it on YouTube, and then the announcer goes silent and the stadium is just better, And that's the thing. Everyone always said San Diego. You don't have any fans go back to those times the Qualcomm Stadium would be rocking. So I remember that I had bet on the Chargers in that game. And Sproles takes it outside, and he makes like two cuts. And there's this avenue you're like, Oh, my God, you're gonna go and the announcer starts going crazy, and then it's a touchdown. It was just like yes, and by the way, great Loki, one of the greatest field position games. You ever see Mike ciphers, their partner kept painting the Colts back inside the five and 10. It is unreal. Like Pat McAfee just glows about it to this day. What a game that was remembering field position. Remember that at the time I was going, we actually had a weapon as a partner. Now the Chargers are known for their terrible specialty. Oh, gosh. New kickers every year. Don't remind me. Oh, those were the days, of course, Then the Jets coming in. Isaac. Long con, actually Has that touchdown call? No. Doesn't wait. You are Al Michaels and go enjoy

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