DawgNation's Mike Griffith Makes Wild Accusations About the Potential of Georgia Football


Going to read you a comment. That danny sheridan gave to us. I think it was about a week ago. Danny was picking the final four and he georgia to go to the final four this coming season and he said i would say the fourteen would be. George think georgia is loaded in. Georgia does not win this year. They are not going to win for a long time. And by that i mean. Get to the final four. Do you think this is the season as georgia is. Getting playoff are bus for kirby smart and his team. Yeah i've heard that the last few years in kirby keeps finding players in georgia keep finding ways to contend being a contender and actually doing. It are two different things. But what georgia's john paul. As they've stayed in the conversation or as curry says you gotta keep getting those at bats and when he finished in the top ten. Four straight years as georgia's don you recruit as well as kirby has you give yourself a chance and georgia's become known as a place that quarterbacks like to come now. The results have not always blossomed. Is much as people would like but you look at this roster now and jt daniels. Looks like one of the best quarterbacks in the country coming back. He's a former five-star they signed broadband. A grip he was a five star. Wants committed oklahoma. Now they've got gunner stockton committed a twenty twenty two five star. I mean my goodness talent is everywhere and now it's just a matter georgia finishing the job on football field. Which brings me one more comment and we don't we. Don't go out looking at other shows to bring you information. We take it from our own program. And i believe those two weeks ago booger mcfarland. We all know boogers credentials. He said this on on our show he said if you are a bulldog fan and you're going to sit there and stare honestly in the eye kirby has done less with more than maybe even mark. Rick how would you respond to that. Wow i guess. I'd say first of all you've got to get more right. You've got to have those recruiting classes in the top two or three. That's a good problem to apple and as far as doing more with less they're less with pernille they're getting ready. You can't if you can't finish the job though mike. That's i mean you're you're you're you're you're playing right in to what these guys are saying georgia out recruit anyone would maybe the exception of alabama But when are they going to finish the job. That's the question that georgia fans are asking. Yeah it's it's been tough when you win the sec. Three years in a row. And you lose to alabama in the sec championship. Game and twenty eight teeny get left out of the playoff for you. Come within one play of winning the national title twenty seventeen. I mean. i can't answer those questions for you. Know it's funny. You had ryan mcgee up there a few minutes ago talking about the late. Great dale earnhardt. He didn't win the daytona five hundred until his twentieth attempt. So those big game. Victories can be kind of a lucid. And i think that's happened for george. Remember paul kirby smart is only forty five years old. This is only year six for him. You look at how long it took guys. Like steve spurrier and nick sabin and they were six seven years into their careers before they got their national titles.

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