Seattle crews plan to keep roads clear to COVID-19 vaccine sites


Comas. Sami Natasa has more and she talked with Seattle fires Kristen Tinsley, stock crews will be throwing down de icer on key streets and bridges that no plow the snow insult the rounds. Sensors on bridges will constantly measure roadway temperatures and cameras show real time conditions and new this year. There's priority on maintaining public access to covert 19 testing sites. It's incredibly important for us to keep the testing sites open. If possible. The Seattle Fire Department is working with S stock to make sure Cruz will pile major routes to the sites and pre treat parking lot. Areas to on the vaccine. Front mobile units equipped with chains will be deployed out to facilities to vaccinate people, so they're not exposed to severe weather. If people have any sentence of covert 19, we encourage them to seek testing. So we want to make that as easy as possible for folks, which is why we're partnering with S stock to plow. Those roads in advance. Stores have been seeing a run on winter supplies

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