Flooding problems at D.C. landmarks likely to worsen


I'm dr anthony leiserowitz and this is climate connections. George washington lived much of his life near the potomac river from his birthplace in colonial beach. Virginia to his estate mount vernon andy chose where. Along the river's banks. The young nation would build its capital city but as the climate warms this historic river poses a flooding risk to nearby landmarks. Steve walls is director of environmental programs. At the metropolitan washington council of governments has increasingly intense rainstorms upstream can caused the river to overflow and when a hurricane hits the eastern seaboard. Then we have the risk of coastal flooding from storm surges. Coming up the river as the river narrows the water level skate. Even higher in our region than in some of the coastal regions along the atlantic. Even without extreme weather sea levels are rising and pushing the river closer to flood. Stage wall says that parts of the national mall the old town neighborhood in alexandria virginia and the george washington memorial parkway already have flooding problems. And they're likely to get worse. So there's a broad range of infrastructure and other treasures here in the washington region that can be at risk Climate connections is produced by the center for environmental communication to hear more stories like this visit. Climate action's dot org.

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