No. 19 Iowa beats No. 25 Wisconsin 28-7 for 6th win in row


Spencer pitchers threw for two hundred eleven yards and two touchdowns to Amir Smith Mar set leading nineteenth ranked Iowa to its sixth straight win twenty eight seven over number twenty five Wisconsin features connected with Smith March set for a fifty three yard TD to make it twenty one seven late in the third Tyler good to put the Capper on the win with an eighty yard scoring burst going into the game we know there will be a tough physical game and that was because of my stuff the run and the like for the back isn't it plays on it it was all as one of the unit was all up for us just to keep going she counted Smith Mar set finished with seven catches for one hundred forty yards and couldn't have one hundred six yards rushing the badgers game just two hundred twenty five yards fifty six on the ground I'm Dave Ferrie

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