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Over you've ever had questions about the jurors may be a bit jaded in your editor. Do drawers religion. You got the right place arose. He was an honors falsities student ordained a presbyterian minister planted three prestigious university. But now now you just aging who'd never quits asking the question. Why the whole shirt roads. Dr john standing stones ever thought much about these. Unusually large standing stones probably bring to mind the famous thrown. Hanjin wilshire england. You probably haven't and for good reason. We don't know much about them. These sizable ancient rock formations. Come with little explanation. We guess the oldest to be twelve thousand years old found in turkey similar strain circles and other shapes pop up all over the world they far predate any known language or alphabet which goes a long way towards explaining why we don't know much about them the engineering and precision of their placement or frequently so advanced that they defy any logical explanation many also have unique astronomical to them which are nothing short of impressive because curious and baffling is these structures may be one thing we do know. The shoe have stood the test of time. Whether civilizations wars they forced us to ponder humanity before written history from wherever we come to where we going or many. Such questions are irritating and cause impatience. There's food to be bought children to attend. Do plants the water and calls the return until there isn't on the business stops the loneliness kicks in the fears. Arise where do you turn for two thousand years in the western world. There's an answer to that question. Those big haunting questions. Land us with a visit to the local pastor or priest this particular profession has provided a resource for the big questions in life. The clergy of listened provided the skills of useful sounding boards given wisdom and solace the point us beyond ourselves to something which makes suicide an unattractive alternative. What happens when the business stops the loan kicks in the fears. Arise and newbie the clergy. Today we have with us to people who decided to answer this question. Interestingly they chose the name the organization standing stone let's meet them from newport beach california. Jim and debbie hart the founders of standing stone ministry. Welcome to church hurts and morning john. How are you act on. Jim and debbie.

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