Holiday across half court to


Holiday across half court to the three point line into the lane gets by zoo bots and lays it in and he went with the left hand. There he goes with the right. I think jukebox blocks that that was crafty from Drew Holiday gets his first basket in a long time throughout, give them stability. He was playing his best basketball of the season right before he got hurt. Great to get him back. Now, this that's 6 11 into the front court spins on man pivots and slow. What a move by the creek freak that I was just trying to be aggressive And I know that was gonna work out, you know, try to find my teammates Go down here. DJ Front Court for Milwaukee down four. As Leonard defending backs up, they swing it to commented on the left. He'll drive and kick up top to Middleton. Love over the top. IATA's catches ya this puts it in and One shot clock. It 90 honest feeds the rolling holiday passing the corner up

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