The Celtics’ starting lineup has to bear down and show more effort


Stick with the starting five cuz there's two things that that stood out to me, which I which I like to do when they when this is running smoothly. You can see the the benefits of having those two bigs double screen on Marcus Smart penetrate in had options, whether it has a a contested layup which you did make by the way because it's numbers heading into this one did not look good in the pain shooting wise all all around but block the number that the the shooting numbers in the Ping is what concerned me the most Marcus has to hit those shots and if he doesn't he has those guys to rebound but you also have options at the corners or at the wing positions for for open looks you know, who wage that need to knock those shots down Jalen weather is Jaylen or or Tatum. I mean, it's when the offense when that when it runs smoothly and that way it looks great. Another thing too when theis is knocking down and whether the 3 or the mid-range then all of a sudden they're a tougher team to to guard but it's just the inconsistency you're getting from Tice. You're not quite sure what you're working. So this is the point we we made wage. To the last game it's going to be that fifth guy in with the starting lineup Brant was not an option and he struggled and the latest stretch of that game is a -15 for a hundred to start this game and we're all asking. Could it be Nesmith should it be I don't know maybe it is tight forward spot, but send me notes really comes out in this one and I'm going to keep hyping them up whenever he shows us something page. You are looking forward to raise. This is the game not great defensively but gives you a little more often and grants and giving you he might be the best you have in terms of a clothing line up here.

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