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It was cross monkeys out there. So it's choppy it's Episode sixty one in key common. So i actually brought a raging five heads insider and trying to protect from the oughta. Chill is channeling to the bone. I mean i is not even the funny bone is not even funny. That's how cold it is. It's Is an abomination out. There and you just can't get warm. I mean i'm failing. The aches and pains of a seventy. Today it's It's like call it. It is frigid out. That is the frozen tundra. And i'm just hoping this afternoon. I will be able to provide a little bit of warmth around the world. Just see me as a as a as a fireside butler warming the caucus cold wintery polar vortex off the name. I mean. I'm i'm stopping all the actual background noise of taking a lot of goose down. And this is liz goose down that i bought. Its goose down off off. The slopes and greenbelt white belt actually around around my house this thousands of gates. I've goose problems as i mentioned yesterday. And we're going to be discussing but it's actually blocking out a lot of the noise in minutes. I've i've got it cushioned around the microphone. So you've got that sort of warmth of the smoky scotch whisky syrupy. Maybe you'll syrup it. I i'm definitely for valentine's eve i'm going to do. The bailey's hot chocolate has to be is a necessity on a cold night like tonight. I mean we're going to try to get won't where we can and something else i haven't done. I haven't been any head product in my hat. I didn't blow dry the hat day. I'm butler au natural allah. But i look across between justin timberlake in sync for the older crowd. Tom baker doctor. Who maybe a little bit of Dawn The forming boxer. Boxing promoter don king say don- johnson verb. I think don johnson had enough greece in his have to Probably fried the whole cities worth of fish and chips. But this is what i am. Maybe i think i'm probably getting more set of radio. Waves coming in. Maybe i'll get some messages from beyond today possibly messages from maybe offering the aliens out there. Alf maybe i'll make an appearance and communicate with the afternoon noon on on how i should precede with With with the podcast. But i think. I'm gonna for another log on the bobby i'm going to settle down and Don't quite ready for the bailey's hot chocolate. It's i know it's five o'clock somewhere but I'm waiting when the sun crawls over the autumn and a little bit later. And then i think i may do the little dash of bailey's hot chocolate

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