Lisa Raymond on setting her own agenda


All right lisa. Raymond welcomed tennis dot com podcasts. It is awesome to have you. Thank you guys for having me so much. Where in the world are you. Let's let's start with that hotel room. I know that shocking to people but Actually in baton rouge louisiana right now been working for the past year with alec and My old coach Andy brandy is the head men's tennis co-chair lsu and kinda long story but We're actually bringing them on To be part of the team so we're here Doing some training with him and he he's going to be a part of our team moving forward and It's been awesome. Been here almost two weeks now. And it's going to be one of our training bases now rally which is going to be great so So yeah that's why we're in baton rouge andy brandy the andy brandy as andy brandy. Yes very familiar to me names. There's only one. Andy randy will ever be one handy brandy so you love them or hate him and i've always loved them. It's true you either have these. Andy it's either. You have this unreal relationship with andy or you. Don't you know and he'd be the first to admit that he. Andy me the iranian. You know he'd be the first to be like you know. It just isn't working or at works and andy. I hit it off from the time. I was seventeen when i went to school. Went to florida and You know if there's one person in my career that i have. I owe pretty much everything to because of that foundation he built. It's handy so yeah absolutely. Oh that's amazing. You don't really hear very often. I guess sometimes you can hear about a player that can just have a very. That's i mean that's a lifelong relationship. Lifelong yeah but yeah. I mean he Again i mean he. I coached he coach me throughout my pro career on and off the end And then like. I said i mean he's family. I mean him and his wife and his son i mean we were just over there the other night for dinner and and hadn't seen them forever haven't seen as whites and it was just like yesterday. I mean they're just near and dear and Just really really special people. Were you always gonna jump into coaching. I think he finished up in two thousand fifteen th us open with madison keys as your last partner and then she would have been your first pupil in a way is that was that. Always the plan when you're playing. No it wasn't at all. I'm just kinda just happened Very good friends with lindsay davenport. And so lindsey was coaching mass in at the time and lindsay still playing two thousand fifteen and lindsay was just like look. I just. I can't really do this fulltime. Would you be interested in of coming on You know traveling with her some weeks if it didn't interfere with your doubles. Maybe you guys could place in doubles. It'd be great for her. And and so i was like yeah sure like you know it just. I hadn't really ever really thought about it. And then i did. I did think about it. And and i loved it. I love I love coaching. And i love just kind of Being part of a team in our party why. I probably did so well in doubles because i love being out there with somebody but So for me it was like a great segue from retiring. Because i literally went from the us open finishing my last match to five days later. I was in quebec city with madison. So it was like. I never really like had to put my rackets down and sit and be like oh my god. I'm retired here so see us do. That's kind of how just kinda leads dad. And and then. I took a break from coaching. And then allie. Approach me with this opportunity and jumped out. I mean least technically. You're not retired. You played last year. This is true this is true. This is true. Technically twenty thirteen was not your last match to good point and i plan on the i. I've got a few goals out there. That i still wanna possibly achieve so i So yeah so. I just to get in better shape. Get my butt out there and hitting a little bit more and But yeah no. I'm not totally retired. I guess you could say

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