A highlight from Ep. 497 wine2wine 2020 Recording Session | Wine Competitions and Scores


Friend robert. Good morning nice beyond a screen with you again. Time introduce you rely go all right so for everyone who doesn't know robert and the shenanigans he gets up to. I asked him earlier tonight. If there was a wine to wine that he had not presented at and we couldn't find one so uncertain cdc correct us on that. So roberts you consult wind brands all over the world you own your own line brand that sells all over the world. You have encyclopedic knowledge. That dates back to probably before i was born. Not really that. That's my story and or importantly you are a recovering wine critic which makes it worthwhile for all of us to bring our coffee to the table and sit down and listen to what you have to say having lived on both sides of that. Thank you. Can you even further paulie because not only am i recovering wine critic but i'm also A not quite recovering wine competition organized. Because way back in nineteen eighty three. And i'll come back to this the minute with jumping coach charles metcalfe We saw something equal. The international wine challenge which became the world's biggest wine competition than iran it in japan and china india russia and also plays and i'm still involved now with competition in germany while mundus vini so i have a foot either a current foot or an old foot in the camps of the the title of this presentation and i'm not used to giving presentations about a point and i will send us to not seeing the audience so i'm gonna come back to that so i think it's quite relevant. I love zoom. I love the fact that we can do this without travelling using polos kaban Competent getting places It's nice to see who's out there and how they're reacting now before this I wondered whether that was an event in switzerland. Cool chuck to chuck chocolate to chocolate or something somewhere else. School cheese to cheese or cause to cause or perfume to perfume and then went to look and see what was seen chocolate with metro.

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