What is 'Unbanked'? CEO and Founder of Electroneum, Richard Ells

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You often described Trillion as a microbe aiming service. But i think it's a lot of other things as well. And i know one of the things that make you you. All unique is your focus on you know helping freelance for the gig. Economy third world countries right. 'cause you're actually helping them get paid in the etienne currency. So can you talk a little bit about. Have you seen any upticks in usage related to geography free during this time. I'm sure there's obviously many people looking for work and many people even Switching industries right. They just they just kinda want to survive in the best roy. Difficult cool about same. Things changed because because all dates are being pretty wild. We only launched pools during covid pretty much. Most of the february twenty twenty where mesa madness was going on and it has been a bit of a welwyn to win all suggest before cameras coors nineteen thousand and fifty talks. Fifteen thousand tubs on the platform fall off of more than than i thought we would be. They sites in all in a life cycle. And it's it's a really amazing thing to say that word of mouth which is which is now joining the whole ecosystem is it's been an actual rate thing so identity have data specifically A change i would imagine the likes of five hundred People who've been around for a long time next release deductible on Extrapolate specifically about cogan unfortun- got it's understandable because yeah sometimes in crypto. You don't have that direct data but why do you think you've seen such large growth in just the the community and like you mentioned. There's a lot of other alternative freelancing opportunities and focusing on this one thing. Because i read a lot about how people in the in the third world like you said word of mouth. They're all kind of talking to each other and accepting this currency as their new as their new valid currency. I think for a lot of people in the us It's sometimes hard to understand that perspective because a lot of our money and foundation is stays the same in its stable but when you talk about third world countries these people in many in many ways their skilled but they can't even get a paid inefficient raids right. So what do you think makes you all unique in that sense to to cater to this new generation. Maybe talk a little bit about that. This what is the effects of this new generation. When they start them they start to earn and work at Earning crypto per se rather than traditional Like what effect is half so first of all. We re still with your idea of every running freedoms platform ourselves. I mean we all. We don't select turning. We've this idea of having a very small highlands very very transaction fee to give you. The spirits appear payment system. There is insanely cheap to use almost free not want free but mike is microscopic fraction of a fraction of essent transactions. So it made you mike. You could make a two cent four cent transaction in a gun which is all twenty cent transactional fifty cent. Transaction solid transaction sizes. You couldn't possibly do on the on. The vase of mouse to coordinate Really very efficiently because most of the payment providers should providers charge of minimum of twenty or thirty cents per transaction so micro payments all really not that sixty two to traditional finance and then we shall ending slightly more helping to the twenty thousand dollar range which still to to the global twenty of thirty dollars. Sounds like peanuts bucks. A year said life changing of money for lots of people with good skills so but when he gets back. You still got the site of transfer. Bank banking system is antiquated. And it's antiquated evening. If you go to the united states want to save money from one place in the united states to another or in the fight from the uk to to else of the that. It's pretty good now. So you know you can do soon as you move outside of that country a money approach to your skin certainly probably three days before i see it here if i wanna far outside of your it may take considerable. You want relocate writing three minute drive at all then you have to try and track them down and some banks somewheres filling in a form doing something or is lost it so we've got quite a few of them some of your choice to build a relationship and so you feel a free. Three beat render eka might three being models. He's gonna laptop can make three two months. These scandals has the time to build that relationship. You have to be able to send him a twenty dollars in the thirteen doors. And he's in nigeria. We caught them us. Pay pal okay. Any use western union money transfer. Because that's gonna cost you hope that on the money just to send it so subtly you limited as to why you can get height so the traditional if you can call traditional in a fairly disruptive industry that freelance industry is disrupt table read the wheel of disrupting that further by giving access to this massive body of people all brilliant skills just skills as anyone else so don't donate affect their own back mike. You say they're going to do aerobics jolt doing fred. And they don't want that much money and they call physically get paid when banking acog high-power but so boy this thing that training having easy implements it makes really is so easily and it's almost season for them. It isn't quite instantaneous. That go to work deliberate. It's fourteen minutes july between delivering and getting pike.

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