442: Senators Open New Season; Hockey Fights CAN Turn the Tide; We Want More More 3 on 3 NHL Hockey - burst 3


Tonight. After an off season lasting over ten months everybody had a off season except for the guys that were went late into the playoffs. But of course ends one of the seven teams. That didn't make this expanded playoffs. So they have not played hockey game of any kind not even exhibition like every. Nhl team played a game of any kind in over ten months. But the last time they played was in mid march when the cova thing all began and they had just finished up a california road trip and a whole whack of ottawa. Senators players at that time ended up getting covid. And all. they're fine. Now gordon wilson also part of that. He got cove from that particular trip. And i'm thinking. I'm no doctor but i'm willing to play one on the podcast. The sends might have nhl teams have home advantage and things like that the senate might of covert advantage. You have enough guys on your team. I assume i mean. I don't know what the science is but i would assume you probably once you've had it and you beat it you're probably less susceptible to get it again. And he sent me a note about all these. Nhl teams right. Now that have all these cova cases like the dallas stars for example have apparently seventeen

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