Ep. 267: The (Beauty) Business of Philanthropy with Karissa Bodnar

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Hello and welcome to fatima skara. I'm jess hijaz. Some dan a right. We've got a great interview today and one that we've been trying to make happen for awhile. We have charisma. The founder of thrive cosmetics. And that's right. I said 'cause medics it's caused not just her jersey accent. That is the name of the brand. I haven't been hanging out the mall too much despite what you may think cosmetics. She is a woman on a mission. A woman looking to find meaning in the industrial beauty complex. You're never gonna let me laugh now. I love it. I love it. I tried. I actually tried to weave it into our jane fonda and to buy new. She wouldn't get it and i knew that would create. Maybe some uncomfortable moments yang. I'm glad that you didn't and i know. Chris will understand when she listens dax's episode so chris wagner. We wanted to talk to her. Brand is thrive cosmetics but about philanthropy. Because she's someone who baked a social purpose into the entire meaning of her brand. And here's why so. She was in her twenties and she was working in beauty. She's worked for like sephora clara. Sonic al. she found out that her dear friend. Kristy had cancer christie was a teacher in chile. Jus just this woman that gave back a year later. Christie passed away twenty four. Chris decided i'm gonna make it my purpose to create a company that has a mission of giving back so that's just behind everything that she does. Which i think is so amazing. The company was founded in two thousand fifteen for every product purchase. They donate to help. A woman thrive hence the name thrive cosmetics while doing things like fighting cancer surviving domestic abuse emerging from homelessness. Nicole thing is it's not just product donations that are part of this brand right talk to her about what philanthropy means but they give monetary donations As well so for example Was there were so many examples to choose from. But i his achievement so much and she's like really young. I know we talk about that too. When she started her company. I'll let the. We'll save that for the big reveal during the interview but in two thousand eighteen they were able to give a quarter million dollars to organizations working to help those affected by the california wildfires. So that's just one example. There are so many more cursor herself has been unlike every list that matters about businesswomen. Are business people doing amazing things like thirty under thirty on forbes inks twenty sixteen bad ass female founders. How much would you love to have that. Your bio. i wanna be a bad ass female founder. Mary clair's two thousand seventeen. Two thousand eighteen most powerful women. And that's actually how i know chris. I met her when i was working a mary. Claire on their power trip. So okay one more giveback thing jesse ready.

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