Sizzler and the Search for the American Dream



And let me pass. We had been preparing for the trip for months. Maybe years thomas fuzzy when you're that young in the days rolled into weeks but somehow the preparations ended and the date saw had come. I don't remember when the important announcement was made that we were leaving. But i'm sure must have been dinner. Dinner was when my dad made. All his important declarations. A decision was made by the adults and then at dinner. The children were informed was a benevolent dictatorship own. We were told that we were moving to america. My siblings and i were excited and confused. Were full of questions. Well we were young. We didn't know which questions to ask. I remember not knowing what to expect like. I don't know what does america you know. Yeah exactly where like removing. But we don't understand what that means. Yeah yeah and then. I mean i wouldn't. I didn't know that when we move. That's it like you know. We like moving far away. Because i don i had no sense of word how far it is and we didn't know what it was all just knew that we had a pack of eating up a move. My dad dreamed steak dinners every night before expensive. Eat epitomized but he figured that steak dinners would be achievable in america. The land of plenty my mom. Latoya lease and matching china. Kerr notion of. America was shaped by hollywood movies. We children dreamed of nothing. We had no idea what to expect. It was not long after the announcement that we were moving to america that the bed appeared then of us had ever stepped in a bed before so. My parents bought one so that we could practice sleeping like americans. We took turns each night from eldest to youngest. My father went. I my mother next my sister third me next and my little brother last experiment didn't go for me. I was the most active sleeper. I tossed in china spun. Sometimes i would wake up in the middle of the night and find myself upside down my head where my feet had been but never been a. When we slept the floor. Sleeping in the bed. I fell off with a thud the next morning. My mom found me safe and warm between my siblings on the floor on top of the usual thick blankets. She didn't ask me to sleep on the bed again. It didn't matter. We reasoned because we would be too poor to buy a bedroom. I moved to america anyway. We also had to practice eating american food. My mom knew somebody who knew somebody else who was married to an american. Gi station and career. This friend lived under army base and had access to a military commissary was from her that my mom got a hold of our first taste of america. A giant rectangular brick that she brought home and placed in the middle of our refrigerator. I opened the fridge stood. They're looking at the book for a long time. My siblings came over and looked at it with me. He was wrapped in brown paper. Four inches square on one end and half a foot long. My brother wonder what it was. But my sister. And i didn't know how to answer him. Mr closed the door. I opened the door again and looked at it when a mom came home. We asked her what it was. She said it was cheesy an undrafted from its brown paper. Packaging inside the people was another brick bright yellow orange vacuum sealed in plastic. We never seen food that color before we had never eaten anything. That perfectly geometric. It sat in our fish for days like an unwelcome guests. That never said anything. It just sat there without a word of explanation. We had staring contests every day. The cheese always one. I always have blinked eventually my mom to get out and cut it up. She gave us little pieces. My siblings are not picky eaters. My father would not have picky. Children would give us a bite of food and not tell us what it was until we were done eating then. He would tell us that we had finished eating. Beef tongue or pig intestine. Or the tiny right wing sparrow or a sea snail or something without a name that tasted like the bottom of the ocean and so without any complaint we ate the cheeser it had a strange texture and smelt funny. But if this was what americans eight we were going to eat it because we were going to be americans but no i show this how i my mom cut the cheese into little cubes and put it in that race in melted and turn our rice yellow orange. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. We try to fried rice. We wrapped in kimchi. We put it in. I came up and tried it every other which way we could. I remember the cheese. It was like a was like a really kind of foreign thing. 'cause we never a cheese in korea never and then it was kind of considered something like exotic special because nobody cheese on a cold november morning we boarded a seven forty seven bound for philadelphia by way of hawaii. The plane was a double decker beauty. The first class passengers were on the second floor with the rest of us beneath them. After a brief nap left my see to explode plane on my own. I remember spiral staircase. That led up to a circular opening on the top level where there was a bar full of american adults smoking and drinking. They said something to me english. But i couldn't understand that then. They laughed which was worse. They'll probably telling me. I shouldn't be there and i should go back down. I ran back to the safety of my family. At one point. The stewardess brought us little cups of juice. Bananas carried on little cards wheeled down the middle of the plane because on the airplane. The gave us a banana. And i saved a car or this precious for your career. Bananas are hard to come by. They were a luxury banana. Was this special. Treat and mom so with banana. Cut it into thirds sheriff. You're so dollar for like one banana. And this isn't a seventy i league. Maybe even more mom would buy banana. If we quiz we had to get all these shots to get unionized to come to america. Yeah and if we didn't cry when we got. Yeah you choose buys one banana. But then we'd have to share it so should we'd get a banana quickly. Having to share a banana with my siblings was part of my life. Now i was flying to america on a double decker plane towards life where they just handed you free bananas a whole banana for myself and then i forgot about it and then it got bad feeling that we never got to eat a whole beyond how we came to america. Stay tuned after the break. Many people are stuck at home including us at america's test kitchen. Welcome to america's test kitchen at home. It's a good day today. He's going to put this in food. Processor and budget for five or seven pulses and tells coarsely chopped plug it into. That's always good again. Things may catch on fire. it happens. The power went out. 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