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Welcome to radio free and open indo for me and my son chris default as we do. A deep dive by weakens is a season. Two off the mandalorian this week. It's episode seven. Check to fifteen the believer now. We do go. Which a heavy spoilers for this episode. So if you have not seen the episode then why you hit go and watch it and then come back and listen to me and chris talk about it rather than how you doing chris. I'm very good. How are you Really really good. I must match up enjoyed my last four days off. You could take traded in some holidays for christmas. And it's just all been bounced always actually this weekend. Not only did not have a really good episode but we had a massive dome of star wars news from the investors day so basically a a day every year while obviously disney is on the stock market so when they want more money the most easiest way. It's ask for more money so they've obviously ran a whole day of presentations of what what's coming to disney. Plus i was going to make them money in the next five years for people to get retirement investment on the stock market. So obviously they put out our investment i. They say they're gonna raise prices. Yeah we got news of what was in the pipeline at disney for the next five years and hopefully if they will get all the investment they were need. Every tv show will be as good as the mandalorian. Do we know what the price of disney plus is going up to in the uk. Yes is going from five. Nine thousand nine hundred seventy nine thousand nine. I believe was six ninety nine. It's literally like a pound or two more a month. So what else do we get without. Do we get like Is it that hulu. I think hulu is whenever you. So why are designed from a tweet The i saw on twitter It says starr on disney plus launch and in the uk on february twenty third. Twenty twenty one. What star is to time to stowed. It's disney's international brand of hulu so in like mexico and latin america. Latin america yeah And obviously in europe they use staw us the way to go over the hulu tv shows. I really excited if hulu. Tv shows an ethics tv. Shows are going to be included on disney plus. Because i still not seen the movie. The with adam sandler gin palm springs. It was on hulu. I've seen that. Yes really good. It is really good. He's such good film. I have seen it and affects affects of asli limited a love. Tv shows the interesting thing. That obviously disney's talking about is some things are on fx. have that in. America has that international releases on netflix in the uk for example. So sh- has sh- no pass. Oh yeah as it sees won- network to is being filmed in post production that is normally obviously internationally released fruit net flicks because up to this point. Disney plus didn't have any adult content. They've obviously with february. The twenty fuss and stars being introduced disney disney announced all having adult content. In as well. I can they go through hulu than with all the back catalogue of twentieth century fault. Potentially that's what they're saying. There's only one thing that i saw. The actually on fx was the tv series. I was thinking that could be interesting and set on earth so that would be like. Oh well they're going to do it in the aliens versus predator season of aliens. Or what but that. The one that we wanna really Just have a quick look scout through. Is that the star wars announcements now. There's one two three four five six seven eight nine ten ten things. I appointed to production now. Just want to quickly say out of all these announcements. I reckon a good two or three. These might get knocked off now me. Might sony disappeared because in the past. We all know that kacoos went. Kathleen kennedy comes on. Start talking not really interested what she's got to say because i've been to many announcements where they said like the ryan johnson trilogy movies and they said. The game of thrones people will that dissipate brunch disappeared and like the famous for second their directors ryan gentleman said heath winning still film three star wars films. But he's only willing to start. The process wouldn't seasons finished directing knifes out to that would be twenty twenty five for. He's gonna i don't. I don't actually mind ryan johnson as an independent director. It's just it's not like he was saying though covering kennedy did announce that he was going to be doing a trilogy. It's not been announced saying film one film and that is for twenty twenty two. I believe christmas. Twenty twenty two. Yeah let's let's so we'll start with the film phil live. Action tv shows and then unabated. Tv shows so the film is going to be squadron. Directed by patsy jenkins loved to fast and speed of any kind. I think that that's because i grew up the daughter of a great fighter pilot and every day i would wake up and go outside and look see. My father and his squadron taking off in there s floors lori across the sky and it was the most thrilling thing still have experienced in my entire life so when he lost his life in service to this country i it ignited a desire to in me to turn all of that tragedy and thrill into one day making the greatest fighter pilot movie of all time. But try as i might and look as i did. I couldn't find the right story. Ever i kept looking and looking but i just couldn't find the right one until now now i found a movie about two things i love so i'm going to see very soon if you don't know who she is. Directed wonder woman one. I'm wonder woman nineteen eighty-four which is coming on tv. This chris all i take away from it is i know she's really good director. She is yeah very good and when they did a sizzle reel and she talks about her that being a fire fighter pilot so she and she's always wanted to make fighter pilot film but she couldn't find the right project and now she seems that she has so i think rogue squadron in iran's could be pretty damn good well the only five films. I've really ever been topgun on con- if you could say ana i. I've seen on their nicholas. Well the point is. I quite like arrow era films and things like that. Yes i i hate to keep going back to. It's one thing he as doing very well is still squadrons. The game obviously captured some. The magic you know goes into a game about you know boosting and then Drifting around star destroyers and you know it's patty vision to rogue squadron. This story will introduce a new generation of starfighter pilots as they earned their wings and risk their lives in a boundary. Pushing high speed thrill. Ride the legend of rogue squadron beloved by star wars fans and. We'll move into a future era of the galaxy. Rogue squadron will be released in

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