Los Angeles County again breaks records for COVID-19 deaths and cases as hospitals stretched to limits

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Canoes see a steep rise in new corona virus cases hospitalizations and deaths. Npr's nathan ron reports more than one hundred and thirty people died in los angeles county from the virus. The highlights ties daily. Total there to date just about every corona virus number in los angeles right now is bad. The county broke another record for the highest number of daily reported cases hospitalizations. Continue to rise in icu. Availability across southern california is shrinking or in some cases already gone in ventura county less than one percent of all. Icu beds are still available. In riverside and san joaquin counties. The number has reached zero percent at times meaning patients have had to be treated in non intensive care parts of those hospitals california health officials are warning that the numbers are likely to worsen in the coming days and weeks nathan rowe. Npr news los angeles. The first

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