Officials could approve 2nd COVID-19 vaccine by Moderna soon

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The united states set a record for cova cases for a second day in a row yesterday. Nbc news data shows more than two hundred forty. Three thousand new cases were reported while the covert tracking project report. Some one hundred fifteen thousand people are currently hospitalized with the virus. The us nearly set a new high for deaths as well. Thirty two hundred ninety three reported yesterday. Just five of the record number reported on wednesday but more relief could be on the way the united states is on track to approve a second corona virus vaccine after an independent panel to the food and drug administration recommended. Emergency use authorization for the moderna vaccine yesterday. Members of the vaccines and related biological products. Advisory committee voted twenty two zero in favor of authorization with one abstention. The fda is expected to agree with the recommendation in an official capacity. Could be as soon as today joining us now. Infectious diseases physician and medical director of the special pathogens unit. At the boston university. School of medicine. Dr in the he'd be delia. Nbc news and msnbc medical contributor. Dr padilla it's good to see you. How significant is the modern news to go in the back last week of the pfizer authorization. Although it's another tool in our toolbox moderna vaccine the advantages of it are actually store that much much higher temperatures making distorted most of the freezers bridges that hospitals and clinics usually absent additionally gonna be helpful in areas that made me maybe do not have that infrastructure to be able to store the visor vaccine. So that's one thing that the reason maderna's saw a twenty two zero compared to pfizer that some people turn down the vote was actually. The madeira vaccine is looking for Emergency authorization for those over eighteen years of age whereas the pfizer had the sixteen and seventeen year olds as part of their horton. Some of the members of the committee. The fbi independent committee had an issue with so few number of people in that age for pfizer. It's good news. The one thing that will point out that together with either madonna. Us little if everything goes plan that secured about hundred and fifty million a vaccination spur one hundred fifty million people. So that's about half of our country a little less than half of our country and so we're really still waiting astrazeneca's data as well as bouncing johnson stated in january. That's going to help. Fill the gap. So dr brasilia. How is this rollout going. As we hit the end of the week aired started on monday with those historic pictures of nurses being injected in new york city and the day later in new jersey and across the country. Is it going as planned. They make tweaks where the things that need to change to. Make sure this gets quickly to the people who need it. So for the most part it's been smooth you know. Of course got the winter storm here in the northeast and as far as i know hasn't caused any delays. That definitely sort of tells you the number type of variables that could be out of our control that could affect the future least particularly with the winter coming around. I'm getting my next the This morning at nine o'clock in our own hospitals in boston by smoothly but there are reports that pfizer saying that has doses in the warehouse. But it's looking for guidance on how to get the liberty that's one question about what's going to happen with the upcoming doses in the next couple of weeks because some hospitals are reporting. They've now been told by their state. There's going to be getting up your doses. So the the data about what. What exactly is going on. There is still here

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