10 Things Student Pilots Do Wrong

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What's up wally bobby. How are you doing great another week. Another episode we love doing these shows for. Y'all hopefully. You're enjoying them are. We've got a number of new five star reviews on itunes and other platforms. If you're enjoying the show please take time to Write us a review and if we should be doing something different or better don't hesitate to reach out and let us know that as well lots of good questions and ideas for the show coming in also and someone said something about Us covering some of the top mistakes that student pilots make and lo and behold. We found an article. And we're gonna we're gonna borrow this article and talk about our thoughts on some of these things in flight magazine. Which is the texaco flight. Training magazine from the ao pa. Still the one that i get imprint. I much enjoy it. has a lot of good things in it as a relates to flight training. So if you're not a member of the go register you'll get the magazine for free either imprint of electronic but way back in january of two thousand eighteen There was an article written ten things ten mistakes. That student pilots do wrong. And we're going to talk about those while the examiner. I know you see a lot of things that go wrong. let's jump right in. We've we've done some of these topics but we'll we'll go through all ten of them. What's number ten number ten pertains to checklists and lonely appalled. We have done a An episode on the usage It is something that is required to be graded or or evaluated. Rather i should say on a check ride Pretty much on on all the landings. All all the takeoffs and everything down there in in One of the elements that i'm supposed to be looking at as proper use of checklists and You know it's pretty simple. If if you don't use a checklist you're obviously not properly using it. So i see Occasionally on on check. Rides that that applicants. Are you know especially for our landing checklist. They're just using gump's and they're going through it and they're going through their mind. But there's not a checklist anywhere close And that's that's really a bad habit pattern I and i know Maybe a cessna one seventy two especially a fuel injected one where carburetor heat is not Introduced to the the scenario. There's really not a whole lot to do As far as landing. You know as far as Checklist items But it's it's a habit pattern it something that is required and it something expected When you get a job plan a big airplane especially at an airline. Checklists are are used. They're used every time You know. I fly big airplanes and some of our checklists. Only have three items on them. And i have a memorized. But i still pull out the checklist and i look at it and i read it and i i respond to it appropriately so it is a big item. You know you're not gonna fly the same airplane all the time. You may fly. An airplane now has cal flaps. You may be flying. Fuel injected one seventy two. And you're used to that but today you're flying an end model and you've got carburetor so you got carburetor heat to be considered and that's all on the checklist Landing lights Just just everything. That's on the checklist is it's there for for a reason so you know it's something that that We we need to do better with you. And i think as a student pilot when i was training you i did get lulled into this fact that i'm flying saint planes. They don't the school when i was going here. Only had one seventy two. So i was always flying a one. Seventy two all tricycle fixed gear aircraft. You could get lulled into that. But i've flown a lot of different types of aircraft. Now and if i only thought of those items on one seventy two n p models than if i did like you said flu anything else that i could get myself in trouble or hurt pretty quick right so number. Nine on. This list is poor weather. Planning i find that to be something that I find myself chasing people down talking about on a regular basis at the flight. School people learning how to fly. They wanna go. They wanna go And they just i don't. I don't think as much as we talk about it. I still don't think students understand. The dangers of what weather can do to us. And that weather as europe pilot and you fly weather is not necessarily the same three or four miles from here. We can see here. Might not be what. What's going on three or four miles away And it's it's shocking. I think i've told the story of trying to fly to brenham to see my dad. Not that far away didn't do a weather briefing or really understand all about the weather. Pass this airport and get out there and be a wall of clouds just five or ten miles away and have to do you know quote unquote a holding pattern out there for for a thirty minute time. They would burn off but they never burned off. And i wasted a lot of gaffes in a lot of my time Trying to get somewhere. That i could have solved for that. If i would've just looked at the weather

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