Guest Teacher Benjamin Schneider on How to build and scale a digital marketing agency only with remote workers

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A marketing agency is one of the best ways to build wealth. Why because a lot of people don't understand it's easy to scale of course it's hard to scale if you're doing the work but the point here is that you don't do all the work you hire other people. Great talent designers developers hardworking people that you can get them to do certain tasks work on the projects that you get hired to do an reap the benefits now. Ben's going to break down. Show you who to look for the mistakes people make but i'll be back at the end of the episode to tie things up and share my takeaways but for now take it away. Ben guys welcome is bench neither. I'm an entrepreneur from germany. And i own several businesses and one of the business i do is having an online marketing agency. So that's what we're going to talk about today. My topic is how to build and scale a digital marketing agency. Only with the remote workers. I've been working with remote workers for around eight years and i'm the owner of chop mafia dot com remote work platform. So you can go in hire remote work beer and that came from my digital marketing agency because our online marketing guy. So i have my own ecommerce store and out of that ecommerce store people were asking me. Hey ben how are you doing this. Can you help me with that. And all that kind of stuff and out of this. I created or found my digital marketing agency so our facebook ads did more than two million dollars for clients in zales with facebook ads but the problem was by selling companies. These facebook ads. They do not only need the facebook ads. they also do need landing pages. They need google ads. they need. We deals for youtube. They need graphics for youtube or graphics for ats graphics for the website. All that kind of stuff. So i was realizing. Hey if you're selling facebook ads. It's a good business. But companies need more. They need a full service solution and they want to have a full service solution because they do not want to have usa facebook guy and another one for google ads and another one to grade sales funnels. They want to have one agency one person to talk about their marketing stuff and outsourced that so by realizing that was thinking about. Hey how can. I build an agency like that. Because i'm only a one man show in the half other businesses to manage. And i'm quite good at facebook ads but i have no idea about google ads or some other stuff like billing websites or developing some stuff stuff like that so i need people for this. Hiring people from my country from germany is quite expensive so if you would hire a designer for example that custody around three thousand dollars a month so basically. It's an euros but yeah three thousand dollars a month. That's quite the same so this was too expensive for me okay. That was just not possible. So i needed to have another solution and then i came on the idea. The possibility to hire people from the overseas from the philippines pakistan india countries. Like that. why. Because these people were a lot of more cheaper than the german guys. So i was starting with that was trying that and some positive experiences some negative experiences but in general it was good in general it was working so i need to find myself a way to find people who are fitting into my company and were having a very high quality and this was the key to build and scale might digital marketing agency. Because as i mentioned i wouldn't have been able to hire three four five german guys. That would be just too expensive. But i was able to hire some people from the overseas so i started with hiring a designer and i would recommend you guys this. Start with hiring a designer. Why because definitely there's no company in two thousand and twenty one who do not need a designer in their company because you have so much posibilities to spread content out there and that's why you definitely need to have a designer but the other advantages that designer does not need to have any log in credentials or access to any sensitive data or something like this you can just give them a few pictures and title or anything like that and tell him hey. Police creamier facebook ads. Spanner out of that. And in addition to that you see the result immediately with a developer. If you're another developer guy you have no idea if this wella per is good if this is fast or anything like that but the with a designer you see it easily you see easily on. The result of this design is good or not that he take around one day for this or one hour as fast or not so. It's very very easy to start with with a designer as a remote worker indefinitely you need to have one in your company. I just proudly recommend that so our starting also they designer and this man helps me to improve my facebook ads because we have awesome designs. But before i did all designs and all the banners and all that stuff by myself. And i'm definitely guys not a designed so you can imagine how tremendously the quality was improving by that guy so realizing hey this was working with the design guy. I get one step ahead. I hired someone for google ads. I hired someone for wordpress websites and stuff like that. So i was not only able to provide high quality to my clients with that remote working guys. Some accompany hours able to widen my portfolio. So i wasn't the for the branding out there. I was still the facebook. At sky in the facebook ads marketing like a guru and sold my book an amazon bestseller and stuff like that but then the back end i was able to sell them not only facebook ads but google ads and landing paycheck and a new website and email marketing. And all that stuff as well. Because i have a team right now and this is very easy scalable because if you're found a way and we come to data and a few seconds if you have found a way how to hire good people and not being scammed by people and really knowing that this people half good and high quality output you could easily repeat that hiring process and scale your business with that. As i mentioned. I've created more than ten million dollars ten million years in sales for my clients. This was only possible with having team. So how did you do that. You got on dot com on my platform if you would like to check this out. Fourteen days for free and create a shop post. We have only. Id verified user skies this very very important also. Go hiring on another platform. Feel free to do that but definitely do only hire people who are ide- very fight

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