Elon Musk risking the wrath of US authorities with Bitcoin tweets


Elon. Musk's tesla converted some of its balance sheet cash into bitcoin. Earlier this year and said it would start. Accepting the digital tokens as payment by the way. Elon musk who has now. Apparently the richest man in the world He's been commenting about bitcoin and fiat money on his twitter profile. That was a good. I mean he's been trashing on government. Money okay so surprised that he didn't look at the technology more closely though and say okay there are more than one. There's more than one way to process transactions and. They're not doing enough to be worth that. Well they may have sorry to say that but he may have actually looked at the technology because if you look at some of his recent comments and i'll pull them up here. He's not exactly a huge fan of bitcoin. What were you gonna say. Yes so i think i think people don't necessarily understand why people find cryptocurrency so interesting and valuable and it comes down to. I think what he ultimately comes down to is dollar dollar. Was what you call dollar cost. Averaging that's a good strategy. So yeah. I mean i don't even see it as an investment strategy so it is but okay so basically if you have crypto and you have in your pocket let's say right and you can't actually put crypt on your pocket. Whatever you need figure stripping that Okay and you have dollars in your pocket right. Well if you're spending if you move those dollars over to the crypto pocket and you spend crypto instead of holding those dollars over time you'll actually end up with more money

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