Pancake Paparazzi, Skinny trousers aren't for big fella's! a misty lockdown tale, vibrating device for problem areas. - burst 8


This is. Put me off wearing skinny jeans for life. This is what i could look like is possibly in light looking in a mirror at oneself and then realizing Maybe this fashion item is in a good idea. I mean the way. I looked at it. It looked like the skin of a sausage spending in all the meat tumbling out. Basically all was using all the meat would be using out. You know that sausage could split. If i put on those genes that sausage split there'll be bulges everywhere and it could be. It could be a sort of nasty nasty surprise at the end of the day so that is definitely put me off any sort of any sort of idea of wearing skinny days in the future. Thank you for listening to the podcast. This week he'd come and

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