Pelicans Comeback From 24 Down To Beat Celtics


We are steaming was you know, this had a you know, this was a check the boxes to her to win. It looked like for, you know, almost three-quarters Four Points 24-point lead them into just I mean, I don't know. Is it a loss of the year? Yeah, that's gotta be the worst year. I give it less so every that's what's up with this Sunday. I know I mean there was there was lost. You can definitely the Wizards was a lower point for sure. I'm just in terms of like but this was bad, but this was bad. This was bad for all the reasons that like, they're known to be bad like giving up those big leads not having a closer although Jason get a couple of big shots. But I mean man this was this was this was bad when everyone Utah Kemba Walker one game after my apology. I know Jimmy this is this an apology game

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