Biden Will Need to Rebuild International Leaders' Trust After Trump's Wrecking Ball Approach to Foreign Policy


I think one can't overstate what has happened. In the last couple of weeks with respect to joe biden engaging on the world stage but in particular ways it's not. It's not pink cloud to pink cloud with everybody in fact. He had a tough conversation with israel's prime minister. Benjamin netanyahu and the lack of conversation with the saudi crown prince mohammad bin salman sort of sending a message to both of them to that america will have a clearer role even in the middle east. Do you think about it. You're you're trumps favorite leaders. In hamad bin. Salman was perhaps at the top of that list. The first trip down trump took as president overseas. He broke precedent. Instead of going to one of our neighbors he went to saudi arabia. And of course the leader that donald trump would never criticize was vladimir putin asking what you see is joe biden very deliberately picking venues this munich security conference where he gave that speech today. Virtually that's the venue in the heart of europe. Signalling you are friends. You are allies. Not these other guys. the agenda is different. He's talking about democracy sending up for russia. Climate change diplomacy to get back into the iran nuclear agreement so both the tone the settings and the substance is entirely different than what we've seen the last four years so ben what. This is the moment to determine whether some of those alliances have been damaged obviously g. seven is a is a key alliance. Nato is one that was undermined by by donald trump. Is everybody happy to take america back again. Are they okay to say. Let's just forget about the last four years where it's back to business. Well yes no on the one hand it just shows you how extreme the trump policy is or was that joe biden's had to go out of his way to reaffirm we are a member of nato. We honor our commitments to nato. Were back in the paris agreement. From which the us lead in negotiating. We're prepared to have diplomacy to go back into the iran agreement that we took the lead in negotiating a so. This is a sea change. I think the rest of the world particularly allies have thought on the one hand. We very much want america back back at the table back. Defending a set of values back working to solve problems like climate change or dealing with pandemics where trump had been totally absent on the other hand. They just lived the glass for years. And they're looking over don't biden shoulder and thinking who are those crazy people behind you who stormed the capital january six. Can we trust that. The americans won't do that again in four years. Can we trust though. Keep their word. If we want to negotiate a complex agreement like the paris agreement was or the iran nuclear deal. Can we trust. The americans won't just tear it up so his cask is is much harder than just making a speech in setting the right tone. He's going to have to build back. Bill ity month-by-month year-by-year initiative by initiative. Because of the wrecking ball coach. Down trump took to our alliances in our room the world.

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