Trump Loyalists Win Big in the Pardon Game


Weeks left in office. President Trump not holding back on controversial pardons of friends and loyalists. He handed out nearly 30 pardons or commutations this evening, including to his longtime associate, Roger Stone, and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. CBS News Legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum says that's over and above the 15 he did last night, continuing his streak of wielding his clemency powers for criminals who are loyalists well connected or adjacent to his family. The pardoning of Manafort and Stone is not unexpected. The president had already commuted stones prison sentence and Manafort, largely because of the Corona virus. Has been serving his sentence at home. The president has said that these two individuals demonstrated great loyalty to him all throughout the Mueller investigation, and the president seems to be using his parting powers. To reward those with whom he's had personal ties and who have helped him along the way.

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