UK, EU say talks will continue on post-Brexit trade deal


Three weeks left to go and still no deal insights both British prime minister Boris Johnson an E. U. commission president was set up on the land dished a self imposed deadline on reaching a brexit trade agreements after a phone call with the U. K. beat up on the line explained that despite the deadlock they basically don't one thing we both think that it is responsible at this point in time to go the extra mile the outstanding issues affect competition rules mechanisms for resolving future disputes and fishing rights remain unresolved Johnson said the most likely outcome was that the two sides wouldn't reach a deal on that they would both have to revert to plan B. the most likely thing not ease of course that we have to get ready for WTO terms Australia time with hundreds of thousands of jobs and tens of billions in trade at stake Britain's light London edge on a sudden not hoping for an end to the uncertainty Clark and that's the way first off with the old account China's funded

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