Biden rebukes Trump for his response to cyberattack on U.S. government


President elect joe biden tearing into trump the massive cyber hack of american government agencies and revealing his transition team still isn't getting updates from the pentagon about it which stopped cooperating last week meantime donald trump with nothing on his public schedule for the second day in a row instead hunkering down inside the white house apparently ignoring the hack while being consumed by his election plot and griping about perceived slights from allies. Who won't go along with it. Even turning on his vice president mike pence joining as congresswoman maxine waters democrat from california and chair the financial. Services committee congressman. Thank you so much for joining us. I'll definitely get to the covid relief. Bill in just a moment because that is a very important piece of news today. But i do want to get your reaction to what we heard. Today from. president. Elect joe biden about this cyberattack. How alarmed are you that the pentagon still is in briefing. Biden's transition team. It is just impossible to really understand why they will not cooperate with transition. We know that. The president of the united states has this relationship with putin and russia in the oligarchs afresh. We also know that the president has never condemned hooton of our the hacking of democratic national committee and some of our election systems in our state. He will not criticize putin and he will not do anything about that will help us to you. Know understand what is going on with russia and hacking they have done and so he's been consistent and basically protecting a putin and russia. This is dangerous and biden is absolutely correct. not cooperating. still. He's not paying attention and the nation is at risk. We don't know yet. How extensive is acting has been how many of our agencies departments have been hacked into. And we've got to get on top of this. We've got to make sure that we correct some of the damage that this president has done already row by not picking attention by not pushing back on russia and so biden has to get up and we've got to make sure that he keeps fighting to get the materials and the information that is needed in this transition. If it doesn't get it we're gonna have to dig deep and work hard and investigate and do everything possible to find out how many tom and much damage and how much information. They have how much sensitive information that they have coming out of even the treasury.

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