A highlight from Ep. 495 Amelia Singer


The italian. One podcast with me rebecca lawrence once again taking the reins for monte walton. And actually. it's a bit of a not any female takeover of the podcast but a british female takeover of the put this episode. Because i am on. Its joined by amelia singer. An award-winning wine. Educator and expert on the wine show which many of you i hope have watched. Tv to amelia. Welcome to the italian wine. Podcast all much for having way so media before we dive in to the discussion that you had wind to wind and maybe see if we can take it a little bit deeper for listeners to the podcast what was it that initially drew you to the wine industry. Did you come to wine like straight out of the gate or were you lured to the wine industry from another profession was seduced by my father's the industry like he is european pretty much weaned on wine from age six. You'd always allow me to of wine before dinner. And then i give him. I have to. I trying to describe. The flavors actually busted his age ten. When i described as having peach honey eight prokop notes apothecary on. I didn't actually saying that is very much the door saying and actually the first buffalo of wine i remember sharing with was actually initially about four i was can just. It wasn't just me Family mail and i was fourteen. I was actually allowed to glossop. Emirati holiday disley. Yes he kind of. Got me excited about wine. Really thinking about wine is one of life's greatest enhances would have these long founding meals. Great compensation since like wildlife Good music good books. That kind of thing so can go comfortable with ernie. Really when i was at university and i thought it. It'd be an actress of spending lots of time acting and singing studying english literature. I helped food and wine society. That will help. Run it. And a real up to the wine tastings going on and it was in dublin in ireland and not many my friends hang for wine drinking families and they suddenly you suddenly realize that authorities cheese nights at my age fuss. Everyone ridiculed before Gosh springfield brings. Cheese could be baby bell. He cast and That's just you know like have fun. And it was. When i was actually people started fessing. Ridicule came along golden says actually really fun and coolidge. Maybe realized gonna wind wind doesn't have to be such an elitist intellectual subject. It's really just about getting the right tone and messaging and communication and people. Everyone can see it's one of life's greatest enhances at university to it was when jamie olivo was in his prime and i really love he was doing with feed and i remember going back my law street union christmas and someone talked to you about wine and i said i just really strict. I caught up with wind with Either very elitist or that history bottles of jacob's creek y con the jamie of wine empower people when it comes to making decisions and his guy was waiting for my chance to why you do it then and i

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