Guanajuato And Quertaro


Moon guidebook author. Julia joins us now in an interview. We recorded prior to the kobe outbreak. One reason i haven't explored mexico as much as i'd like to. Maybe because i have a hard time pronouncing the pounds. But i think three towns near mexico city that really are like household words for anybody who loves exploring. Mexico are what those three towns. There's semi i n de guanajuato and kenneth at all and you could rent a car and being these towns. What a couple of hours. Yeah it's probably about two and a half to three hours to cut it that. Oh that's the closest san miguel. You're looking at probably about four hours to get there from mexico. City you can hop in a bus doesn't really nice comfortable bus lines or you could rent a car to. Would you do it. If you're flying into mexico city to get to these towns you know. I would take the bus. There are actually buses that come right out of the airport in mexico city to get at that oh and for their. It's you know striking distance to san miguel. So it's it's pretty easy to get around by bus. There's lots of great bus lines. They make it convenient so julie just so we can kind of get our bearings. Give me a quick thumbnail. Sketch of the three towns. Well going to what those starting with. That is a university town with a beautiful colonial central. San miguel day in day is a very laid-back. Small town that also has a very rich history and at the is a medium sized city where you'll get a mix of a lot of different things some business and a beautiful centro also plays really worth visiting julia. If you had to do your sightseeing before you started your actual bake ation. We'll be on your list. What are the top two or three things you gotta see in this town. Well i would start by wandering around the plazas and looking at all of the churches and baroque mansions throughout the central. One place worth visiting. Is the candidate that oh art museum. It's housed in an augustinian convent from the seventeenth century. So the building itself makes it worth a visit but they also have very interesting contemporary work by mexican artists other local artists. So i would definitely put that on my list in between to the market. The makoto crews would you find Artisanal things that come in from the countryside is at a farmers market. What would you be wondering through there. It's mostly a food marquette. And i really recommend visiting it because it gives you a very unique opportunity to wander through a really big bustling city market that again is not touristy at all so you're really getting a glimpse in mexican culture but you're not You know there's other people with their cameras out you feel like you're really getting an authentic experience there but it's also very clean and friendly and easy to navigate. It's not as overwhelming some of the big markets in mexico city say but it has a very similar atmosphere so i think it's a really cool place. I love visiting that. I mean in get at the dell in when you're there wandering through that market and just a little bit hungry. What are some of the regional. Specialties you look forward to trying well. One thing that is very typical of kenneth at o. Are gore dita's which is a big round. Corn cake flattened by hand. And then it's cooked on a griddle and it's usually stuffed with something like pork or she's no prickly pear cactus which is very popular to eat in whole area because the grow everywhere negro really the cactus pear do you call it Yeah and it's called the in mexico tuna. Yes and when you see tune on the menu. It's does not. Tuna fish actually refers to prickly pear fruit. Which is very popular especially in this region because these Cactuses grow everywhere. Wild

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