George Clooney tries to save humanity in 'The Midnight Sky'


Only famous bearded guy here for the holidays. Check out two new movies this weekend. Netflix is the midnight sky, directed by and starring George Clooney as a whisker wearing scientist in the year 2049. He's at an Arctic research bases. The world ends trying to contact a NASA space ship to tell them to turn around and find a new home for humanity. The film is thoughtful and occasionally thrilling. When Clooney finds using alone, it has mystery, but it lacks emotion, which stops the three star Midnight sky from lighting up. Meanwhile, news of the world that's like theaters and undermanned in January stars Tom Hanks is a post civil war traveler who reads newspapers to local folks when he meets an abandoned young girl who doesn't speak English to have to cross Texas to safety, even with facial hair that Hank's twinkle is there and the four star news of the world leads to a powerful place. The W O R movie minute I'm Joe Neumeier. Everyday

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