Off The Record: What Did We Learn About Ourselves in 2020? (Just The Boyz)



Like later emu fleet on life. Yeah because for me. When i say anything you saw the hope is literally anything actually even say something like as if it's going to throw me off like pizza. Yeah anything for chicks. Because it's not. But i hear it a lot and i think that's it's a mean so it is a fucking me. Yeah it's like no matter what you say it's like they just ask you to shut you down. I'm say where i'm like. It could literally be seven. Let me just go through the fucking island pichit acne that african bean-and-cheese brio. We can do whatever urges chips and cookies. You know but. I think they like it. When you're decisive decisive. Not really really decisive. Really like food. Yeah i know. I want want fucking linguini and clams and in win. Restaurants are open my tastes or a little bit more expensive restaurants. I enjoy spa dan. You buji full even. I just enjoy the ninety inexpensive but people likud. This nice restaurant do this. You can order a few different things from that a lot of things to order. But it's like kind of an adventure continental breakfast. The one that i thought was like all these restaurants are fucking done and i start to see them pivot those crazy the korean barbecue spots they have full on stations right. And i'm like you guys are fucking because you can't do this to go. And then i see these motherfucker start moving the stations outside and i'm like that is crazy. These guys are dying. Day of lockdown yeah. We went to get some korean barbecue. Type yeah i miss it though. 'cause like all the cream arts use wants. I go to like quarters. Quarters like arguably the highest quality ones you get Flocking okay. Like i want to say anything bad about. It's like it's not what it's supposed to be so it's like if you're not going to quarters for that quality auto somewhere else because you're not able to grill it. They just cook it and bring it up. It's not the same saying no their spots though where it's just basically a restaurant outside in a tent but that's what i'm saying so that over here i mean because if you're going for that experience that's a cheap ten dollar spot is going to be way better than you spending hundred dollars a quart man. I feel so bad for a lot of the restaurants that aren't going to survive during closed down. It sucks man. It sucks how it went down like this. it's crazy. how some of these restaurants were like the most popular spots like portland. A lot portland as much as i like hawaii Every year will go to hawaii every. Go to portland a strict stew or or more. Not your i think. It's i think it's pretty strict. Unlike the liberal wires But poc is a is a thai restaurant right. You can get see if like two or three hours. A sewer poplar. They closed it down. Oh i am all these. Other restaurants are closing down all over the place all over the country even big celebrities at restaurants like With david chain close a couple he was in development of a few or one. And i think washington. Dc or something. Yeah exactly what he'll sue. Plantation is never coming to

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