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To jump in there. Now let's get into this topic. This happiness by subtraction process of elimination. One thing i want to start with. I wanna play this snippet for you of matthew mcconaughey. And a talk he did. He is an amazing speaker. And any of you that have done my mindset makeover video series. He's in a couple of the videos. I share with you during that mindset makeover and that's totally free five day of video every day to your inbox but i wanna play the snippet for you because this is exactly what we're talking about in. This is what i want you to think about is just as important where we are not as it is where we are. Look the first step that leads to our identity. Life is usually not. I know who i am. I know who i am. That's not the first step the first step. Usually i know who i am not process of elimination defining ourselves by what we are not is the first step that leads us to really know who we are a group of friends that you hang out with their they really might not bring out the best in the gossip too much kind of shady Gonna be there for you in a pinch about that bar. We keep going to that. We always seem to have the worst hangover from over that computer screen right. The computer screen keeps giving us an excuse not to get out of the house and engaged with the world. It gets real human interaction. I bet that food that we keep eating stuff taste good. Going down makes us feel like crap. The next week we feel when he put on weight will those people those places those things stop giving them your time and energy. Just don't go there. i mean. put them now. And when you do this when you put them down when you quit you quit giving them your time you inadvertently find yourself spending more time and in more places that are healthy for you that bring you more joy. Why because you just eliminated the who's the wears the once in the winds that were keeping you from your identity. Trust me too many options. I promise you there's too. Many options will make tyrant of is. All i get rid of the excess wasted time. Decrease your options. If you do this you will have accidentally almost innocently put in front of you. What is important to you process. Elimination how about that. I love this thought process in. This is so much what i think about. When i'm thinking about changes that i wanna make or when i'm thinking about if my anxiety is extra high or i'm feeling uncertain which guesses anxiety to right but this is what i think about like. What are there things in my life that are causing me more anxiety and discomfort in disease and this is people places and things we talk about this in twelve step programs a lot and again when you want to change something when you want something in your life to be different. Then you have to do things differently and often times. That's going to mean making decisions differently. It's going to mean different people. Different places different things. Have you ever thought about it this way about moving things that don't serve you rather than adding more things. i think. We have a tendency to add more things. Like we're always in this quest for happiness and it's about stuff and things wanting to add things to distract us right in. I'm all about distraction especially in the throes of a craving or high anxiety or when. You're super upset. I think in those moments one of the best things you can do is kind of distract yourself until some of that emotion comes down in then. You can figure out really how to cope with it and often times. That quest for happiness is more

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