A highlight from Kinda Cute- Ep. 75- Jennifer Coolidge Pretended to be a Twin, Subway Tuna and Justin Biebers Pink Eye

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It's kind of cute right. Hello and welcome back to kinda cute and if you're new here welcome. My name's billy evan. I'm your host song kind of cute. We discuss articles from the cut. And my general pop culture musings. Y'all it's been awhile since. I've done a good old fashioned plug for myself so if you haven't yet and you've ever found any joy in this podcast could you please go onto rate this podcast dot com slash kinda q-. It's in the show notes and leave a nice little review for it. I'm not kidding. When i say that absolutely makes my day on top of that please feel free to follow the kind of cute podcast instagram. Or follow me at bailey evan. I'm really feeling like. I just want to go full influencers soon. So get ready. Strap in let's get into our content. Obviously i have to update you guys on elizabeth chambers an armie hammer go back and listen to the last couple of episodes. If you don't feel caught up on that now everyone was wondering what elizabeth was going to say. And it's crazy because hadn't said anything which i totally get a get her staying out of it but i think it's so crazy. What her first comment was. So just jared which is this. They're always posting pop culture photos. They used to be more of a blog but now they've really popped off on instagram and there. It's almost like a nicer. Tmz and they posted a picture of timmy. Chaumet the director of call me by your name. Luca wad daniel and an army was in the picture. But it says that. Timmy and luca are about to be adapting a book called bones and all which is the coming of age story centered on a teenage cannibal. So elizabeth changes comments on. This would just no period words no words. I just think it's crazy that her first time saying something is on adjust. Jared post. I mean i feel her. I don't have words for either. I can't even give a good analysis on it. Because i what what can you say about that. The universe works in truly bizarre ways. The golden globe awards came out the nominations and they continue to be bland is stuck in hell. With a lack of diversity and summing many shows that were deserving. And of course somehow emily and perea got a non for best comedy and lily collins. Scott won for best actress in that show. Which i know. A lot of people have been talking about that but guys. It's just so insane to me. 'cause you guys know i'd like that show. That show is such fun. Escapism fluffy right up my alley. Did it deserve a golden globe in any universe. I personally i think not. I also think lilley was the best actor actress in that show. But maybe that's just me. I have another update from our driver. License teenage saga the love triangle. We talked about which again let me know. If you guys were not into that. I was into it. So i'm going to continue to give you updates. Well someone into jim. Wa the incentive account that. I'm obsessed with. I should just have a segment about dumas dumol. Please please come on this podcast. And she posted someone writing into her saying that joshua bassett remember. We talked about him alive. He pays ricky on. Hsm musical the series and then. Sabrina carpenter the famous blonde. They're coming out with a song called. We both know you heard it here.

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