South African Variant Of Covid mutations May Be Stealthier


And let's start with some of this vaccines versus variants news you recently wrote. Madonna and Fizer Both said their vaccines were effective against new variants of the coronavirus discovered in Britain in South Africa, but they are slightly less protective. Against the variant in South Africa. Why might the South African variant B stealthier So the South African variant has some mutations that are very tricky. It has one in particular that's called the Forward four K that changes the shape off the spike protein a little bit That's the protein that the vaccines are using to generate an immune response. And so the idea is that if the shape of the protein has changed a little bit that the antibodies find it a little bit harder to latch on to the protein, so the vaccines are a little bit less effective. Good news, though, is that they are effective. I mean, these vaccines are so good, so much better than we need them to be that it's not really a big deal to lose a little bit of their

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