Best of the Archives: Aretha Franklin (2018)

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Jenna yes you. And i are making more episodes of our show true. They're coming in march and what we've been doing in. The meantime is repopulating where our shows live with old episodes. And i gotta tell you when i'm down. I think about one moment with you recording this show more than any other moment. I might start crying just thinking about how much i love this moment. When aretha franklin died in the summer of two thousand seventeen you. And i got into studio and we wanted to celebrate her life and i remember the format of the show. Basically being this is what. I think makes aretha franklin great and this is what you jenna. Think knicks aretha franklin grave. Yes my rest your jelly and that led us to this. One moment that came from your this is what makes aretha franklin great side of the show and it was the camcorder. Iv she had this quarter but she just took around with her and just use it on people she would like fish video things out in the world. It's not like she's some anonymous person of franklin turning this device on you do you remember this. Yes yes yes yes. And i'm a little bit embarrassed that my greatest reference points was a hilarious meat. I mean look. Those names are hilarious there. But that's just that's not her legacy that's not the know everything she had to offer but it was understood and what i loved about that moment was that nobody else was going to talk about the camcorders yuna being this beautiful thing about this great woman who was you know received as being superhuman because of her extraordinary talent. But you know. I mean not at the end of the day but in addition to her extraordinary talent she also wished she was just like your aunt. She was just like your grandmother and she was also extremely famous and there was something about her this piece of technology and all that fame and all that humanity. That just that you've really got at and it's one of my favorite moments ever with you in a studio so here is

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