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Overnight low Now, tomorrow we windy and colder clouds will give way to some sunshine. A high of 34 When you factor in that gusty wind, though, and you are the real field temperatures will be in the teens to around 20 so will feel colder than today. But then we turn down the temperature even more heading into tomorrow night so it will be windy. Still with a clear to partly cloudy sky love 16. Real field temperatures will fall to near just below zero windy and frigid on Friday by far the coldest day of the winners so far, partly sunny high. Only 23 real fields will be ah, best a little above zero and then for Saturday plenty of sunshine still cold but not as windy So it certainly won't feel quite his cold high Saturday. 28 back up to 31 is some sun gives way to clouds on Sunday 36 degrees right now it is cloudy in midtown. We're heading down to 28. I'm active weather meteorologist Brian Thompson on New York's weather Station

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