Sales. Well, of course it's credited for this.


This. What are they talking? Yes, I'm sure people are drinking more spirits and less beer. We know beer sales are going down. But you can't tell me the pandemic didn't inject. I mean, that's like nitrous oxide. Right? Come on. Now. There's just woo people looking for an escape, and they're saying people that stayed home from work. The reason also their trade their drinking all day. Oh, yeah, while they're working, I got I got a buddy. He was like, Yeah, we we beyond zoom conference calls like Crack open a Budweiser one o'clock he goes on, like, you know what I mean? Like there was nothing you couldn't see? Because he didn't have to be on. He just had to listen to the call. I mean, come on, man. Yeah, yeah, Of course. That's why so also that this is kind of interesting to they were saying that you know the pandemic made it hard to get some of the tequila is too because Lot of the production was shut down in Mexico. Yeah, you know where a lot of the tequila is made, so the production slowing down or even shutting down because of the pandemic. Made it harder to get those drives up the price. So it's interesting when they show that you know, liquor sales jump till you know 1.57 billion. Also, they're getting per bottle. You

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