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Today we have kayla go kian. Who is our store manager. Who runs the one of each and kayla again. Hello again. I know this is so great. I love this new formats. Yeah me too. Except i thought i was gonna get dressed in In half to the sentence. Cohen were at home so i stayed in this lecture. Yeah but it's very on rand color. wise actually. She told me she said this. Green near okay. So i was like here. You go and i own. Nothing but black. So that's never going to have. I thought it was like. I looked in my closet for to get dressed. I thought all. I haven't there is black but i was wearing this and she said well you can just leave that on and i was like i don't have happy address for so everybody was loving this new format. Did you get any feedback from ross. Or any of your family or something. Ross loved because he watches podcast so before like last year. i mean. obviously he would listen to support us but he's like no. I really liked video. podcast better. he's gotten away. You guys aren't doing yet so now we are austin law. I noticed on our social because now we have more more ways to get it out so when we were looking at our Downloads in steph. We actually had more downloads than i think. It's because they know that they can actually see us now. Doesn't seem more personable anyway. That's what i thought. I had a note about that. Yeah i think it's more intimate that they can actually. Yeah you know especially since people are driving right now and the shorter format. I like that better than trying to create something for forty five minutes. I think people are in that fight size now right Totally with you all right. So today i came out. I thought about like something. That's really important that we talked about this week. In the store with the client on saturday and that is referrals and testimonials and i think that that is like a hidden fortune for most the lawn and small business owners that they just don't think about with how much advertising costs. It's right under our nose right. And we're talking with that lady and i was telling her you know if she would write a review because so many people don't know what we offer or maybe if you're on is specialists in color or whatever your businesses getting that social proof is huge so i came up with some notes about you know 'cause i've mentioned before how extensive marketing isn't how important it is right though this is taking it something deeper and i feel like it's If a less expensive method even if you give a referral fee yeah right. 'cause proof is powerful. And that's what we're doing. What i can sit here on the podcasts or on or with the stuff for and say all day long grade our step is that intel. Somebody light that client said. I had an experience with this lawn or with this coaching company. They don't understand they don't believe there's not as much trust that creates trust and credibility so when you shop i mean you're a millennial right so when you go i think you are. I'm just like no worst millennial that you found something that how you said you good secret squirrel. Detective and i said this girl can find anything for we go to higher. I give it would. That's the millennial of yeah so like testimonials it's one of the easiest ways to to market because the clients do all the hard work for you to their friends and family right. The person that comes in is always easier to work with because that trust is kind of our bill and we're all on our best behavior. 'cause we have a a equal acquaintance right You find that when you're working with them in the studio when somebody it's almost like Already got your in right and then like you said year have a mutual connection and then you kind of can start from that that point or that place instead of trying like half the first part of your appointment or your consultation whatever is trying to build up that trust of a stranger but it just makes it easier from the beginning for both really. I completely agree right except for both of you like the client and us. Yeah oh absolutely. And it's also like with us wearing the hair like i was talking about with you wearing the whigs knee wearing the extension. It's proof it's not a social proof. But it's proof. When i start playing with my hair and i say look at the first thing they say is what are you wearing. Or if you're a stylus. One of the things i ache i still go get my hair. Done is when their hair is not. Because i'm looking like right now. Like do you sell beauty. I mean if you own a salon. Like when i travel. I also have a whole other suitcase just for my extension. Because it's important that my hair looks nice. When i go to tell cement when i do. That's the first thing. I noticed they do is look at my hair right you. Do you notice that when you eat it. Yes yes overshirt. We'll have the time even when obviously not where my wigs all the time. So i basically you're waiting you. I know a girl but like especially when i'm traveling. I always make sure. I do my hair that morning in make sure gummy cards on me because i swear. Get the most compliments. Like when i'm at the airport while i'm travelling 'cause most people get all grunge snap in just you know every single isler i would say at least fifty percent of the time i get a compliment or something and i'm like go not -actly exactly i completely agree. Somebody always says something about my extensions or something and then it just gives you an opening to to lead in hugh and the other thing is when you have social proof it's online and so many people are online. And i think that's one thing i think the industry is doing really well is that we're posting but it's really getting those good photos because i know sometimes we struggled with a couple of our team members. Take the time to make those look. Good because your business online employees. Yes right exactly how you should look at it. The girls give you not usable. They'll put a filter on it. I want that's what you need to see what you did right there. Yeah and i think people are over filtering which then. I stopped. People know when you do that. That's number one and number two. You know when my biggest pet peeves yeah well. Your work doesn't really doesn't it doesn't show your real work right. So yeah if you take the time with good lighting which you've nailed by the way. I'm still working on a lighting here in the house. You know the lady you within with lighting which we do have at our stores that really make a huge almost everybody. It's like a man in uniform. If you've got good lighting. Everybody looks

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