A Prayer for When God Wrecks Your Dreams


A prayer for wind. god rex. your dreams. I'm andy smith read by liam martin for my thoughts are not your thoughts. Neither are your ways. My ways declares the lord as the heavens are higher than the earth so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. Isaiah fifty five eight through nine is their dream in your heart. That you feel is being delayed if you look hard enough you may see another blessing in disguise. Some dreams of mine include being a wife and mother. I'm single but i'm grateful to god that he's been able to fulfil the emotional longings. I have in unexpected ways. I understand the heart numbing. Pain of a dream that hasn't come into fruition. It's hard to consider weight or no to be loving isn't it. We can often feel neglected. Lonely heartbroken tired or hopeless in this society of social media overload. There's things that can pop up on. A news feed that can cut deeper than any sharp edged sword. Seeing someone receive a blessing that you have cried about worked for prayed for and dreamed of while you're still in the waiting room is ridiculously hard. We're called to be joyful with our brothers and sisters in christ. rejoice with those who rejoice many times also comes through one. We talk about street. Famous in god in rightly so but being honest. I always come back to this next thought. If my dream does not come true. If i never receive what i've knocked on heaven's door for year after year does that mean god is not. I hope you know what the answer is. But just in case. Let me remind you and myself of this single truth. God is faithful to us at all times whether our dreams come true or not his faithfulness to me is saving me from an eternity apart from him. When i look back at things. I've gone through. I also see a bigger picture of his faithfulness in his guiding hand in my life. He is faithful to complete his work in us but not to complete our dream to do list so be confident of this that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of christ. Jesus philippians one. Six god is still good. God is still omnipresent. God is still faithful to us. Because he is god. And i am not a may you be comforted by the assurance that staying rooted in the lord is the most assured way to live a full joyful and dream come true kind of life jeremiah. Seventeen seventy eight tells us but blessed is the one who trust in the lord whose confidence is in him they will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It is not fear when he comes its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit. The only way we can have a content heart and joyful life is letting him love us pursue us and fill the heart naming. We have with his grace. That doesn't always make it easy to let go over dream or to let it sit still for a season and i know god recognizes that. Don't forget that we are what he dreams and desires and he loves a so much his will and dreams for us are more than we can even imagine. And that's more than okay. Let's pray. God thank you that your will and your plan is always perfect. It might not be easy or always feel good. But i know you see the big picture and know what's best for me. You are always good. You are always faithful. You always have steadfast love for your children. these are truth. That will never be untrue. So help me live in the light of those truth today. Help me have peace as i meditate on what. It means that you are always good faithful and full of steadfast love for me. Help me face today with confidence knowing that your plan is greater than all of my dreams. Lord i love you. Thank you for the life. I haven't you in. jesus name. Amen

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