Where the Far Right Is Meeting Now

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On january. Sixth will was that. The trump rally in washington. He was out among the president's supporters. Talking to them. I found the crowds. Frankly very unnerving even before any of the violence had started. I was just talking to people to get material for our story in. Not just people like militia gear but like just talking to random trump rally types and everyone. I was talking to just have this really menacing attitude. And i would say joe biden's you know. Get his win certified today and this could be over and they said well then. I guess we're gonna go shooting tonight or there's gonna be a civil war we're gonna kill dense and just very very kind matter of factly like like this is just a common thing we do in america. We just go execute the legislators. We don't like we'll says that hearing these threats person was incredibly disconcerting even though he'd seen some of those kind of language online especially as the rally got closer in the weeks leading up to january six candidates like new desperation that seat dan Especially after hail. Mary after hail mary fails and suddenly becomes like we have to take action as like trump grass roots. And we may have to do something like really ugly evidentially violent

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