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Mark service until after the inauguration. When Joe Biden and Kamila Harris are sworn into office Wednesday. They'll have a lot to deal with, including Cove in 19 vaccine distribution to beat back effects of the pandemic, and Vice President elect Harris have said they want to build an America United and first and trying to do that. You've got to have America that looks like itself at all levels of leadership. Tony Allen heads the Biden Harris presidential inaugural Committee, So I think you can see already from the transition. He has been very intentional with his picks. Is the most diverse and inclusive administration in U. S history. Picks so far include three who would be the first of women women of color or African American women in their positions, Allen says, making sure there's opportunity for all is top of mind. Joe Biden believes it still matters that people get a fair shot that there is racial equity and that barriers to creating new opportunity should really be removed. With Anderson. W T O P News

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