A highlight from CIA FBI Insurrection Act President Trump and Misinformation

Eric Erb Live


Natural news dot com In the article Basically says the dare sources that are fracturing the outcome and it just ask a question is trump winning at unconventional warfare. And a lotta people know. There's disinformation out there folks. There's lots and lots and lots of disinformation right now. Disinformation coming from the c. I. a. disinformation coming from antifa. Black lives matter. A lot of people are creating fake news and disinformation. Okay and i know what most you're saying. Oh jeez eric if it's not on. Abc nbc cbs. And the fox. Then it's not true. We you gotta understand folks. That people in a military In in a military situation in a conventional military operations and secret operations like this. That's going on. They're not going to spill it on. Abc nbc cbs. And fox news. They're not going to put this shit out to her okay. The that ain't going to happen we have to understand. Is the cia. The cia the central intelligence agency for those people that don't know who's spread deliver disinformation across the net or doing outstanding job pushing noise and confusion as a result you know sometimes information and sources are split split into different realities. Were run one reality is. They're saying that trump's given up and surrendered While the other reality is saying trump's about to achieve a decisive victory and an astonished world the world is going to be astonished. It's most importantly you know it's very important that i want to discuss with you. The troop expansion. Dc is actually part of unconventional warfare. Warfare carried out by president trump. chris miller He's the secretary of defense. And if biden is not inaugurated on the twentieth the radical left wing the kook left-wing wackos or go notch. And and what they'll do is still stage. An attempted coup revenge revolution to try to seize washington. Dc trump and miller no both at fifteen thousand troops in place with support of the democrats and the media are perhaps all being played. So that's what you have to understand just like in any any secret organism secret operation. That did if you agree. With one-sidedness case the democrats are being told all these troops there being put in place. Well why would you put. You have to ask yourself some questions. Why would they ordered. Trump ordered troops to be in place over a week before the actual the twentieth inauguration event. And you have to start digging digging digging down as to what about this. What about that asking all these questions folks and the question. You have to ask yourself right now. Is that what you see. Is that the truth. Is that reality. And the answer to that is it depends on what side you're looking at so in other words if you're a democrat and you're looking at it you're thinking well okay. Troops are there. Everything's fine and dandy. You have no clue if you're a republican you're asking yourself this question is trump gonna get reelected. Did he indeed sign the insurrection. Act which i'm told by multiple sources. Now he did sign the insurrection. Act that's in the process of being carried out but like anything else he has to sign it and once he has to sign it he has to Implement it implement that with the military militia so on and so forth on national guard and of course the us military. He has to implement that so. Of course that's gotta go to the secretary of defense and again there's a process folks for everything it as soon as he declares war. I just decided. I just signed the insurrection. Act now all the ships gotta go. It doesn't work like that.

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