Arizonans 65 and older will be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine starting next week


This hour we took you live to the Arizona Department of Health Services Update on the covert 19 vaccine distribution. We had some technical difficulties, but we have those resolved and we want to bring you now. The rest of that briefing with all the details. Here's Dr Carol Chris, director of our State Health department. So now provide some updates on covert 19 vaccine and implementation of our program here in Arizona. One of the exciting updates that we made today. It is not this week that is not reflected on our chart. It will not be reflected until Tuesday, but Arizona made the decision that Arizonans 65 8 years of age and older are now prioritized. To be vaccinated against covert 19 in our prioritized phase one be along with our education and child care services and our protective services occupations, which includes law enforcement, corrections and fire. This recommendation was approved by the Arizona Vaccine and Antiviral Prioritization Advisory Committee, which is intended to protect those who are most at risk for severe outcomes due to Cove in 19. So we know that those there are over the age of 65 have all higher likelihood of hospitalization and death, and by be getting people vaccinated in several weeks from now we hope to reduce the strain on Arizona's hospitals. And you can find additional information on our website at easy Health. Doc Dub slash find vaccine. And on Tuesday, we will be updating that to provide clarity about which counties are going to be vaccinated the 65 to 74 year old age group at their vaccination sites. We also have counties that have moved into our prioritized. Phase one B and we have some that are fully in phase one B. So if you look at the map of Arizona, the counties that Aaron Black are still in phase one A. So does our healthcare providers and our long term care facility, residents and staff. When you look at our darker gray, that's the prioritized phase one be, so that's going to be the face that we just talked about. Currently. We are vaccinating age 75 older. Along with educators and child care and their support staff and our protective services occupations. When we increase to one be that also includes our Sent can keep our society functioning. That will be people who work in the transportation industry, including gas stations, shipping those types of things. The food industry, including agriculture. S so there's a large number of there's a large list of employees that are eligible for the one B category that is located on our website. Um But you can find out what what phase Each county is in, and we update this infographic daily, and you can link to it off of easy health. Doc Club slash find a vaccine. As of today, over 232,000 doses of vaccine have been administered statewide. So now we'll move into Arizona's vaccine allocation and administration. Over the next few weeks, A DHS will be working to increase access to vaccine increase the rate of vaccination into streamline communications. So as you look at the vaccine, I'm distribution overview. Arizona currently follows a local Allocator model for vaccine distribution. Our local part partners are the backbone of the vaccine program implementation and know their counties that are no they're partners and their counties the best so our federal partners every week provide our Arizona's allocation to the state. We divide that allocation of based on priorities to our local partners, who then will determine which providers in their local jurisdiction will receive that scene for that week. We collect all of those orders on Ben. We place Arizona's full order for that week, and then the federal government will ship those orders directly to the providers that we have ordered on behalf of as vaccine becomes more and more available. We will no longer need to use this local Allocator model and providers such as pharmacies, community health centers and physician's offices will be able just to directly order vaccine from the manufacturers. So this week we received additional first dose allocations of Fizer, which were distributed again. Toe America and Pima County's All 15 counties received Madonna doses, and so we continued to reserve given the unique storage requirements for our Fizer vaccine. We continue to reserve our Majority vaccine for our local or rural health departments. Um In addition to receiving that first those first doses of visor and Madonna vaccine we have received our second doses so that we can continue vaccinating those that I've already received their first US. And have had that either 21 or 28 Day waiting period. This is Dr Cara Chris State Health director, speaking at the Health Department's covert 19 vaccination rollout. Press briefing on Katie Our news 92 3 FM. So during the week of January, 18th Arizona will have been allocated 803,150 doses total. You can see how that's been allocated across the state. You can see at the bottom where we have prioritized our CDC Long term care facility partnership by providing them with the vaccine that they need to vaccinate our Our staff and residents that are long term care facilities. And then you can also see the number of doses that have gone to the state of Arizona. Um Not all of these doses of the 803 have arrived in Arizona. A number of these doses have been allocated to, um Have been ordered for our county partners and will arrive next week. They We anticipate that with the federal holiday. Usually they arrive Monday through Wednesday. We anticipate that they will arrive Tuesday through Friday of next week. So we continue to add additional sites for vaccine administration, So we have initial phase one and phase one B vaccination sites throughout the state. We have over 200 vaccination sites on our website. We also have activated the second phase of the CDC pharmacy partnership, which began the week of December. 27th. So we initially prioritized in phase one of that partnership are skilled nursing facilities, which are highest security, long term care facilities. Um As of the end of this week, all of those facilities will have had at least their first visit from CVS or Walgreen's, and they are scheduling appointments to start assisted living facilities throughout the state next week. So as additional state. Um uh, that scene becomes available, We will be adding additional providers we've had over 730 providers on bordered with a DHS and over 800 pharmacies statewide have enrolled in the CDC pharmacy program to provide in store vaccinations. We have talked on each week about the long term care partnership that CDC put together with our pharmacy partners. So our pharmacy partners code into the facility's and vaccinate the staff and residents of that facility. Um as of this week over 140 skilled nursing facilities scheduled to receive vaccinations, and they will begin vaccinating are assisted living and our group homes starting next week. We've got over 2000 facilities enrolled in the federal program where one of the states with the highest number of facilities enrolled, and our goal is to cover approximately 450,000 residents and staff over the next couple of months. So this is part of the infographic that we post each day on our website. If you look you can see by county what phase That county is currently vaccinating. The total vaccines and ministered along with the vaccination rate per 100,000. And so you can see statewide 232,000 vaccines have been administered. Um, This may not include some of the doses that are provided by our tribal Our federal partners is this is pulled out of the States Immunization registry. So to talk about updates and announcements of this week. On Monday, we had a soft launch of the State Farm Stadium Probate 19 vaccination site. So far we've administered over 20,000 vaccinations at that site, and we are averaging apart between 203 100 vaccinations per hour. We have booked tens of thousands of appointments through January 31st and anticipate opening up additional appointments. That will be between February 1st and February 28th. Those appointments will open up on January 19th at 9 A.m.. We're very excited. Because our partners have really made this endeavor possible. It's a whole community partnership. And again, we just want to thank the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs, the Arizona Cardinals and state from Stadium Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, The Catherine and Ben I. V Foundation. Arizona State University and Walgreens. All of these, these groups are playing a large role at the site on D have made this possible. Way also are very excited about the launch of our second state run of vaccinations site. This will be located at Phoenix Municipal Stadium. We are still looking to see how many doses we will have available for that. For that site, so the number of appointments will depend on the available vaccine again. We're partnering with the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and Arizona State University to run this site. Arizona State University currently runs a testing a saliva based testing site at this location and so they will scale up to provide vaccination administration. Again. Registrations for appointments are going to open up Tuesday, January 19th at 9 A.m. for this site. We updated our easy health. Dr. Hobbes Flash find vaccine website with an interactive map. You can go onto the map. It has all of the current locations with vaccine, you can select a sight and a box will pop up that has information about that site and a link to their registration. So not all of them. Not all vaccine providers are utilizing the state's vaccine management system. Some providers air using their own appointments software, but we will link to them whenever we have that information so that it's one stop shopping when you go to our our map. We will continue to update this map with additional vaccination sites as they come. In a couple of other exciting announcements, we have been expanding access. So a DHS activated the CDC retail pharmacy program. This is going to add up to 100 pharmacy stores over the next few weeks. The first pharmacies to come on board in Arizona are gonna be fries, Safeway and Albertsons. And so those will be included on our sites as we get notified, which pharmacies which specific pharmacy locations will have that scene? But they will be on our website and will be another source for those that are eligible to receive vaccine to go get vaccinated when this program becomes fully activated, more than 800 pharmacies will have covert 19 vaccine available in Arizona. We currently have more than 200 vaccination sites on our website that have received vaccine and this includes 45 community health centers as well. So if you are eligible and you receive care at one of our community health centers You could check on our website to see if they have received vaccine. And again just another update on helping our Arizona hospitals. We have been recruiting nurses with a nursing staffing contract here in the state. That's been one of our most successful endeavors. We are very excited. The majority of the nurses are here. When they arrive. They will stay on site for eight weeks with an opportunity to extend that On gesso. As of last week. 348 nurses have started work. We anticipated almost 200 more arriving this week again that We don't necessarily count them until we've heard that they have Arrived in the state and are attending on boarding at their assigned hospital. But we continue to work with our staffing contract to get all of the nurses that we can here in. Arizona State health director Dr Cara Crist went with her press briefing on covert 19 vaccine rollout that coming from the state Health Department. Go

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