People bought guns almost entirely because they were



Year, people bought guns almost entirely because they were Concerned with their personal safety with There will be safe. They're worried. They looked at the news and You're seeing the news about riots and defund the police and crime and it's like 100 weight might want to buy a gun. Now. They don't know anything about him. They got a gun that makes all the crime. Go away. It makes all the bad guys go away, right? Not so much. Mm. And for those who have been hoarding guns forever And somehow I think that qualifies them. I've been hiding all my life yet means nothing. One of the guys I go to about. This is a guy who truly has been there. Done that lots of law enforcement experience, SWAT team leader and everything else. He has a term for this Tom foolery, but we can't use it on radio tapes. Spalding's joins us right now. Hey, Dave, How are you? Good, Tom. How are you doing high and well, happy New year, And as we drive into 2021, A lot of people say we've never seen anything like this before. And I'm thinking, yeah. That just means you're not old enough to have much of a memory of stuff like this right? That is absolutely correct, because you know, history tends to repeat itself, and this kind of thing has happened before. It has and you know, we've been through a lot of stuff. Ah, I also one of my pet peeves. The bounces off of you Just get get a started here is when people say Well, you know I just can't imagine ever or I can't imagine this and always respond with what you just need a better imagination. And that's when I go to people like you who have been cops career long, fortunate people because You don't need imagination. You have seen it out there. And when I get to talk to people like you go, holy cow. There are some weird people and there's some bad people out there. Fair enough. No, exactly I I'm not sure that the general populace truly comprehends. Evil. That man is capable of. What do you mean? Well, the evil that men do can be extreme. Um, just think about some of the things that the criminal element has done to Children. I mean, just just look at the human trafficking problem around the world and the stuff that has done to two Children and females and various parts of the world. A lot of people don't give that kind of thing thought, But mankind can be quite evil can be quite dastardly, and it's at times incomprehensible, and I'm not sure that people really want to know. Ah, there's that and I've always said Ah, lot of this is a protective mechanism of if I can pretend it doesn't exist, and I don't have to think about it because it's horribly discomforting. You think about it, And so therefore I will just pull this little bubble cocoon around me. And yes, like sticking your fingers in your years ago, 99999 and I can't hear you. Yeah, the ostrich effect, you know, Put your head in the sand and making now acting like it doesn't happen, But it does happen, And the problem is is that happens to people whether they want it to or not. And it pops up. When you least expect it. My phrase for that is there's a lot of crazy out there, and it's everywhere and it may be turning the corner right in front of you right now. Bad things happen to good people in nice places. I mean, just understand that right up front will be better off. What it when people come to your class because I mean, you're well known and you develop. You really have a great training. Correct them. Generally, they know stuff. They have some level of knowledge. I assume When they come to you probably don't get a lot of first timers. But what do you find that people routinely don't understand about self defense with guns. Well, I am blessed in the fact that I teach at a level that one people come to my classes. They realize already that they are potentially in jeopardy and they need to do something about it. That is a big step forward as far as dealing with my with my student. Now The thing that they don't comprehend is what Evil really is most of it is based on television or the movies. Or they heard they really have never seen what it's like. For someone to Um, just members, someone or With a child in a microwave oven or some of the some of the many things that I've seen in my life. And you can try to explain things like that to them, but they really don't comprehend it because they never grasp it. And unfortunately, when these people do see these type of things that they do experience this extreme level of evil, they're not capable of responding to it, even if they are trained

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