All that's happened online since the capital siege. And what it means for all of us going forward. I am joined now


Have been so busy. I'm guessing these last got what? Two weeks? I think, um, the way that the Internet and social media has worked for years. Is now entirely fundamentally different Trump being off of Twitter and off of Facebook, like how big of a deal is that y'all? Yeah, I mean, what you said about it suddenly feels like it's a different twitter like I totally feel the same way. It is sort of bizarre because there's been so much over the past four years and, you know, even make us five years thinking about the campaign. Where you know the for reporters, certainly for you know White House reporters, political reporters, but also for for tech reporters, and I think for almost anybody who's at all conscious online like your day was so driven by like what a Trump tweet last And he's silent and I just think you kind of can't underscore as much as we can. We can talk about this like this was a long time coming, and there's lots of legitimate criticism of the companies of like, why did this not happen sooner? It was a huge moment for this to happen like it's a really big deal. So you know it wasn't just Twitter and Jack Dorsey and Trump getting kicked off Twitter. Ah, lot of other platforms were involved in the sweeping bands that we've seen across the last week or two.

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