Aaron Rodgers had a clinic against the Rams on Saturday.


Say After the slate of games Saturday. I put super wildcard weekend Whatever they're calling it three games instead of two. It was better. Much better. Usually wild card weekend is a letdown, not the case. This year on Lee won snooze fest of a game Saints bears. I know Brown Steelers was a blowout of epic proportions on Sunday night, but It was awesome to watch. I mean, who outside of Pittsburgh didn't want to see that happen and didn't enjoy finally seeing the Browns and Browns fans having something to celebrate? Yes, I think the Celebration ends for them against the Chiefs on Sunday afternoon, But yes, celebrate and celebrate. They did this week in Cleveland, Rightfully so, so even that game I mean, that had so many great story lines to it. Games on Saturday. Hills Ravens. I was thinking I was thinking it was going to be an epic duel Josh on Lamar Jackson. Instead, we had a couple missed field goals from Justin Tucker. And a 33 contests at halftime. Then the bills took advantage in decisive third quarter. But if Wasn't much of a game for those of us looking for offense. Let's put it that way. Aaron Rodgers had a clinic against the Rams on Saturday. And that's why I enjoyed watching that game. Aaron Rodgers hey, tend to one touchdown to interception ratio now on the season through 17 games, 50 touchdown passes. All the attention, or I should say a lot of the attention has been on Brady and Brees and rightfully so. About Aaron Rodgers showed us this is his postseason. He's the best quarterback in football right now. Should when the M V p, the second of his career. He's chasing a second Super Bowl title as well. For the first time ever. The Packers with Aaron Rodgers will host the NFC Championship at Lambeau Field. Getting involved in is shown in the show on the phones. At 855 to 1 to four CBS That's 855 to 1 to

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