Which Conor McGregor Will Show Up at UFC 257?

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Aerial. Thank you so much for joining me man. It's good to have you back my old friend pablo. It's good to hear from you. You don't call as much. But i do get very excited when you do reach out. Aerial halawani has covered mixed martial arts for fifteen years and he hosts the dc in hawaii. Podcast for espn. I don't call you much. But i call when it's important and it's an important time in your life right now in the life of conor mcgregor right now. You just spoke him in a big sit down four. Espn ahead of this. Weekend's big fight against us poor area so how would you describe how. Connor is feeling mentally right now. So that's a great question. Because i've been covering connor since two thousand thirteen since right before his have debut in. I've obviously seen all the extreme highs and lows of his career. Of course it's been a roller coaster especially the last few years when he became this This megastar this time around. Had you asked me which connor would be in front of me. When i spoke to him would it be the zen like connor. Would it be the trash talking. Connor the jovial connor. You know all the different iterations. I would've said it would have been the urinated conor mcgregor upset conor mcgregor the conor mcgregor. Who had big plans in two thousand twenty to fight. At least three times to fight manny pacquiao right. Reclaim his spot. As the man the king in may but none of that happen instead. What got pablo was actually got a very relaxed conor mcgregor accountable gregory who is like slouched in his chair. I've never seen him sit like this before he was wearing a new custom suit but he's wearing slippers as well sort of like all of us working at home these days as always already all we focus on the positive side. I was ready to continue and it didn't go that way. It is what it is. I still have that inside me now. I'm still ready to go of kept. Preparations are back. And i'm very happy to be back. Twenty twenty one. We're going to replicate this again. I'm starting the year force. Pay per view of the year and a very excited about that. He was very chill. He was very calm cool collected. I don't know if i've ever seen him that. Calm before fight. So i was pleasantly surprised to see that i wanna get into how he may have arrived at that mentality because it's been a year aerial since mcgregor last fought. That fight lasted forty seconds. It ended with mcgregor knocking out. Donald sironi so can you take us back to the aftermath of those forty seconds. What was the expectation for. What would come next for conor mcgregor so going into that fight. Everyone who's like izzy back. Is he still good. Can he stay out of trouble all this stuff and then he comes in there and completely. You know rex ceremony. What about its many style. Vegas is on fire. He gets on the microphone from town. He's calling everyone out. King is back. I mean it's just an electric seen. Only he can bring to the fight. Game had opportunity to go in his locker room afterwards and interview him. And i would describe him in that moment as happy excited actually even a little emotional as well i. I saw him get a little emotional but not satisfied. He wanted to fight february. He in his mind needed to make up for lost time because he didn't fight in twenty nine thousand nine. He spent more time in legal trouble than actually fighting twenty eighteen. The one fight against habib twenty seventeen. The floyd fight so he wanted to make up for lost time. He was pushing to fight the following month. And if not he wanted to fight in march and then of course in march everything changed and what was so interesting about what happened in march was instead of being upset. The press annoyed pissed off like the rest of us that are plans are big. Plans are big twenty. Twenty plans had been derailed. Connor almost took it upon himself to act like a politician. What does that mean. So like conner had a very close relationship with the irish people and they loved him right they had this amazing support towards him and dislike this unwavering loyalty towards him and in two thousand nineteen. They kind of turned on him. And you know you can make a strong case that they were in the they were in the right to do a lot of things to really upset them. Most notably punching that that old man in the bar that was caught on camera and so in march when the country is down in its lockdown. And everyone's depressed. He's doing these presidential videos. Truly down must began and it must begin now. The literally you go online. And he's standing there like president politicians what they should be doing. We must our airports. We must all non-essential business. We must cook all non essential travel. I wanted to call upon my people that were eight people of ireland. This fight needs us all and he started leading by example and he started filming his home workouts and he started donating millions of dollars in personal protective equipment and visiting children's hospitals like say what you about connor and twenty nineteen in two thousand eighteen. He really was on his best behavior in the early portion of the pandemic and really took it upon himself to be this sort of a beacon of light if you will or this positive role model for these people and and i think that he stepped up a lot of people didn't expect that out of him and i think it was sincere was genuine but you know to try to give back to community.

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