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Trump, Inc.


It's not enough for a few days later. Trump appeared on the view wearing a dark suit and red tie the hosts ask him about his candidacy and some comments he made in a recent interview. Here's joy behar. You recently said about president obama. I'm going to quote you. He grew up and nobody knew him. Nobody knows who he is until later in his life. The whole thing is very strange. What are you driving at. They are you. Don doesn't come right out and say instead. He raises his. Douse sticks up for birther. He argues with the hosts. They talk over each other. Would be goldberg. Points out the racism. They run out of time and cut to commercial when they come back. Trump is still on the couch. Barbara walters says we very rarely do this and it may be setting a bad precedent but we love him so we've asked donald trump to stay for the second segment real fast. Could you beat obama. Suddenly he's everywhere the today show. Cnn the laura ingraham show and of course fox all right mr trump. Does it have anything to do with race. Ring president obama tried to take the high road and ignore trump but he was also trying to pass a new budget and the trump show was getting more attention so on april twenty seventh. The president called a press conference in the white house. Briefing room As many of you have been briefed We provided additional information today about the site of my birth. He's got this expression on his face that to me. Looks like he's trying to take this seriously but also isn't it ridiculous but also you can kind of tell he's past. He never mentioned trump by name. We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. We live in a serious time. Right now and obama's staff posted a pdf of the birth certificate on the white house website. That's where i got my copy. The one i'm including in this time capsule twelve to learn the same day. The white house released the document. Trump held his own. Press conference in portsmouth new hampshire recent republican presidential primary poll had him in the lead ahead of the eventual nominee mitt romney. I am very proud of myself. Because i have accomplished something. Nobody else has accomplished. Trump says. I'd wanna at it but i hope it's true. Even though obama released his long form birth certificate five years before trump became president it is an object that represents so many parts of trump story in the year. two thousand twenty one we all remember the basic contours of trump's for a into birtherism. Racism lies a conspiracy theory generated an endless spiral of doubt. When i want people in the future to understand is that this pattern became predictable. It repeated itself again and again throughout trump's presidency right up until the very end all right. Let's put it in the envelope. Ya okay okay. I have the next object and it's big it's big. This is the biggest thing we have. Okay let me get it. If you're listening in the future. I think that this might be a collector's item someday. Object number to trump the game. Parker brothers two thousand four addition you visit event proceeds from trump. The game will be donated to charity and it says on the cover. I'm back and you're fired trump a game this. When we chose to add trump the game to the time capsule we were inspired by the work of propublica reporter had their vogel who has looked tirelessly at the finances behind trump branded hotels condos and resorts around the world. What is this game essentially. What's the play here. Heather thinks of trump's financial strategies as different types of games. She laid out three of them for us. Fake it till you make it house of mirrors and pay to play. These were three of the ones that were most sort of in your face so the first game is fake. It till you make it. This one is all about managing public perception of trump brand developments. Just as they were hitting the market basically instead of following the traditional path for opening resort he would go out and basically sort of trump at the project as being almost done really great really full of money investing my own money before it had reached that point essentially in hopes that People would see it as a safer bet and would pour their own money into it and that's money that can be used right away and turned around in the sort of use to fund the construction. So that you can have something on the ground that will help you suck in more buyers and pulled them in and keep the thing going one example and there were many from all over the world but one of them was her onta when ivanka in two thousand nine interview. talked about the toronto project that they did as being virtually sold out. Those were the words. Virtually sold out so from hawaii to the reality. Was that only twenty. Four point eight percent of units had sold in this project that actually ended up going bankrupt trump basically sort of prepared for that eventuality by

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