Central Mediterranean: 43 die in first shipwreck for the year,

UN News


More than forty people died in a shipwreck off the coast of libya on tuesday. The first in the central mediterranean this year to un agencies have reported the international organization for migration iom on the un refugee agency. Unhcr said the boat reportedly capsized you to bad sea conditions when its engine stopped. Just a few hours. After departure from the city of zawiya ten survivors mainly from cote d'ivoire nigeria ghana and the gambia were brought to shore by libyan coastal security. Where they received food water and other emergency assistance before being released. They reported that the forty three people who died were all men from west african countries. This loss of life highlights once more than need for reactivation of state led search and rescue operations a gap. Ngo and commercial vessels are trying to fill despite their limited resources. The un agencies said on wednesday. They repeated their call for countries to find an urgent approach to the situation in the mediterranean. Where hundreds of people died last year trying to cross into europe

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